The Minority Report Comparison

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“The Minority Report” (1956), by Philip K. Dick is a collection of short stories divided into four volumes, Minority Report (Steven Spielberg, 2002) is, the produced film to help illustrate the science-fiction novel and is clearly, one of few films that transition most highlights the ideas of surveillance of citizens and preventive justice. Although it is undeniable that both ideas are taken from the original story by Dick, in the film they are highlighted and modified, to some extent thanks to the audiovisual narration that sustains and supports them. This is a relevant point since sometimes opinion has tended towards the idea that cinematographic, unlike literary, science fiction, strips this genre of the innovative and non-conformist ideas …show more content…
So, due to the fact that the images extracted from the minds of the precogs are presented jumbled up and without any priorities of relevance, Anderton has to organise them so that they make some sense, selecting and discarding parts, and, therefore, telling a kind of story which, in addition to being a construction, is prior to the events themselves. Although the film takes care to make the real events of the scene of the man who discovers his wife with a lover consistent with the ones presented by the precogs, at the same time it highlights that Anderton interprets them and that, therefore, said interpretation may be mistaken. On the other hand, based on this sequence we obtain information on the whole universe of Minority Report: we find out the date and place where the action takes place (Washington, D.C., 2054); we know that a police system has been implemented there that is linked to the legal system, since emphasis is given to the presence by teleconference of two judges/witnesses that will observe the case and decide whether it is lawful or not to pursue the precriminal;5 we are allowed to see that there are three precogs that foresee the offence and that their prediction takes the

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