Separate And Unequal: Film Review

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Movie Response:
Separate and Unequal The documentary Separate and Unequal focus on creation of St.George on East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The creation of St.George district becomes controversial because of the impact of racial and economic diversity in the local community. A group of predominantly white upper-middle class parents decide to create its own city and school district called St.George. Those who support St.George argue that the creation of the district is to have smaller communities that are directly connected to the school system. Those opposing the St.George project suspects the creation of the district is to re-segregate the school system. The impact of S.George and segregation levels in the school system is due to the predominance
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Thought there are problems with racism until today, racism is a belief of superiority of a race. It is extremely difficult to change a belief of a person by mandating legislations. The focus of socioeconomic diversity, however is easier to assist and create a course of action. By creating legislation that provides socioeconomic diversity will provide people a fuller understanding of one another. Also by elevating barriers that restrict socioeconomic growth, the nation as a hole will become prosperous due to the increase of competition. Also, races are often restricted by socioeconomic status. If administrative protocols are ordered to have larger amounts of socioeconomic diversity, it will also integrate more races together. Throw this process the racism will naturally lower. Diversity is extremely important for community, education,and equality. By having diversity in education people become aware of each others differences and similarities leading to better understanding of one-another. Divers community all help a community to better understanding of others, as well as the possibility of different ideas. By having equality and diversity it would create a place where people thrive equity and to express themselves

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