Compare And Contrast Books And Movies

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Nowadays, if you ask a number of people if they prefer ‘books or movies’, it’s most certain that, there will be an extensive collection of different answers. For many centuries books have been the biggest source of stories that human kind has, but now, things are changing. Today’s way to get introduced to a new story is, to watch a movie. The demand for movies is constantly increasing, so, why do some people still read books? Why do a countless number of people like to watch movies? There are countless differences between them, yet, they also have a great deal of things in common.
Movies and books carry plenty of similarities, not only they narrate the same story, but they also make a connection with the characters and the person viewing the
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Movies convey their emotions by hearing and by the picture, thanks to the great sound and visual effects the details seem more real. However, a movie projects one main picture that can be somehow limiting to the spectator, who, will not think any further to what is depicted on the screen. Books, on the other hand, are more often than not, visually boring and not as attractive. Nevertheless, books are not just bunch of letters and words, books make the reader capable of expanding their imagining capacities. Usually, after reading a book, there are countless ways to interpret the story and details, thanks to the lack of visual limitations. The several interpretations that a story can get tend to differ between movie-spectators, and, book-readers. It’s the same story, yet, it has a remarkably different effect on …show more content…
When I go to the movie theater to watch a movie, I can’t help but to fall in love with all the incredible scenarios that are shown. Something advantageous to the movies is that, it takes less time than reading a book; movies are basically short-ways. Reading can be hard for some people, inpatient people can’t deal with the long suspense that books have, there’s also slow-readers, reading a book make take way longer in their cases. It’s only natural that they will choose to watch a movie instead of finishing or even starting to read a book. Still, movies are visually pleasing, the main points get covered rapidly, and it’s unlikeable that a movie will last more than two hours, plus, the movie industry is constantly making new films, at least one’s a week there’s a new movie available. Whereas, with books is possible to wait even years for the sequel to come out. Sadly, movies have time and budget limitations that leads to the directors cutting down details that the original story

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