Nicholas Sparks's The Tree House

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“Beth stopped short suddenly and faced him. All at once, Clayton noticed her anger had been replaced by something more close to terror. The tree house” (Sparks 314). Coming home provided no leisure for Logan Thibault. Not even a quaint fishing trip to Minnesota allowed him to escape Death’s longing for him. All that stood between Death and Logan was a Simple Picture. Logan’s new life revolved around that single picture, which he would spend the rest of his life trying to repay that debt. Logan sets out to seek a new life with Beth, the women in the picture. All goes well for Logan until Beth’s ex-husband, Keith, comes into the picture. In a series of dramatic events Logan and Keith find themselves in many life-threatening situations. Nicholas …show more content…
A few of these moments include Keith Clayton and the River scene at the end of the book. Keith Clayton is emotionally unstable, and his anger is usually extremely volatile. When Keith gets upset you can feel every inch of him seething with frustration, and how he is forcefully suppressing his anger. When Logan went to Keith’s house, it only took the sight of Logan to make his blood boil. Keith was ready to tear into the guy, but was stopped short by Zeus. You could see the fire in Keith’s eyes and the monotone voice of which he spoke in order to act calm. Frustration eventually set in once Logan had reached “checkmate”. Keith usually let his temper fly but in this case he burrowed it deep down until Logan had left. However, he didn’t always suppress his anger that well. Later at the end of the book when Keith went to Beth’s house he very quickly lost sight of reality. There was no way he could hold back what had built up inside him. Emotions of every kind came out of that man. His anger was overwhelming and the amount of frustration that he bore was almost unbearable. Keith was the overall drama queen in this book. He had the most vivid appearances out of all the other characters in the book. One of the most vivid scenes in the book was the one with the river at the end. “Far beyond the banks, at their feet, he saw the creek, running wider, stronger, and faster than he’d ever seen it” (Sparks 317). This quote portrays a near perfect picture in the reader’s head. Another portion of this scene that stuck out to me was how terrified everybody was. All of the emotion occurring in this scene was overwhelming. I could see Ben getting yanked down the stream while Zeus paddled franticly towards him; Logan and Keith hanging on to the rope for dear life. All while Beth watching helplessly as the events unfolded. While reading this section it was as if I was standing on the riverbank

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