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The Irish Republican Army’s Struggle
The IRA or Irish Republican Army. The IRA was founded in 1917 and their main goal was to unite Northern Ireland (which belongs to the UK) with Ireland. They tried to do this through suppression, violence and, assassinations to cause fear and panic. They usually targeted British governmental figures but have also targeted agents from British intelligence agencies like MI5 (Irish Republican Army And Censorship).

In 1969, the IRA split into the Official IRA (OIRA) and the Provisional IRA (PIRA). The OIRA gave up paramilitary actions and chose a political and peaceful route and became The Worker's Party of Ireland (Toolis). The PIRA adopted the original IRA style and stayed a paramilitary organization. The
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To the British government, the IRA were just filthy terrorists, who needed to be stopped, so they took a course of action that led to the termination of the IRA (McMurtrie).

While most perspectives will argue that the IRA are terrorists and have no reason to be using such extremist ways to communicate their thought process of reuniting into a single Ireland, the IRA are more or less justified in their actions. The IRA is justified because, in a way, Northern Ireland was stolen from them. This started during fights over colonizing in the late 16th century and 17th century and has progressed to the political tensions in the 1920’s when it was officially established as part of the UK (Healey).

The land in Northern Ireland belonged to what would now be Ireland, but under the rule of Henry the VIII in 1542, both Irish and Northern Irish territories were run by British rule. Ireland was also oppressed by the British, which one another reason for the IRA to do what it does as England is not going to just pack their bags and abandon a former colony. England has also controlled both Irish and North Irish territories since the 16th century when they had no right to, and colonized all of Irish soil

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