Michael Dillion's Themes In Lies Of Silence, By Brian Moore

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"Lies of silence" is the title of a novel written by the Irish novelist and screenwriter Brian Moore. The novel was published in 1990, the genre of the book is a thriller, the book has an estimated 192 pages and is written in English.

The story takes places in Northern Ireland, mainly in the city Belfast, where there is the war going on between the protesters which also is called (UDA) and the Catholics which in the text also is called the (IRA) which is the Provisional Irish Republican Army, there is also a part of the text ongoing in London.

The main character in the book is Michael Dillion, Dillion lives in Ireland with his beautiful wife Moira, which he met a party when he was in England. Michael works as a hotel manager in Clarence, which is a
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Andrea is the opposite of what Moria is, Andrea is a very nice and calm girl, Andrea and Dillions see each other often, even after work, when Moria thinks Dillion is still at work, Andrea is from Canada, which we can see from chapter 1, page 7. Where it´s says "she had to come to Northern Ireland four years ago because her father, a Canadian engineer had accepted a two-year contract with short´s, the aircraft finish her arts degree, at the same page, we also learn, that Andrea had a boyfriend, which Michael didn't know anything to. We can also see that she is Canadian, when Michael ask her, where she is from, which also is at page 7.

The story is chronologically, which means that there isn't any flashbacks or any flash-forwards in the book, the story starts with Michael who gets involved in the works of the IRA, where he was to kill his boss, which he couldn't do, because he was afraid. After the failed mission to kill his boss, Michael need to live his life in fear for IRA killing him, which we can see in chapter 3, when he rings to the police and telling them about the

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