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  • The Themes Of Leda And The Swan By Seamus Heaney

    Nobel prizes seventy years apart. Like Yeats, Heaney was recognized globally, as likely to lecture at Harvard as to read at Dublin City University. British colonization ravaged both Yeats’s and Heaney’s Ireland. Both poets acknowledge the violence either in the Irish Civil War or in the Troubles, Northern Ireland’s nationalist guerrilla war fought in the…

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  • British Rule In Ireland

    Ireland Ireland, under British rule was a very mistreated and violent country. They are better off now, without the rule of the English Crown. Ireland, before Britain came into the picture, did not have a true leader for the country. The country was not even claimed by a big civilization like Britain and Rome for over a thousand years. Once Britain gained their rule over Ireland, over time the Irish society was severely affected and their land was stolen. The colonist and the Irish were violent…

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  • Purpose Of The Irish Republican Army (IRA)

    the English rule over Northern Ireland in the twentieth century and aimed to unite Northern Ireland with Southern Ireland to form the Republic Ireland. It stemmed from the times of William of Orange in 1690, where William’s Protestant Army defeated Catholic King James II in the Battle of the Boyne[1]. In the years leading up to 1703, thousands of Catholics were deported and relocated to live in new areas. English Protestants seized land and owned 90% of the land in Ireland in 1703, which the…

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  • Yeats Vision Of Irish Fairies

    Yet, Yeats’ vision of authentic Irish identity was still revolutionary in its own way. He outlines his vision in his piece ‘Irish Fairies,’ published in 1890 in the early years of the Revival. In this piece, Yeats focuses on the life of the Irish peasantry and contrasts their simplistic, pastoral lifestyle with modernizing forces, such as industrialization. He begins by asserting that “the Irish peasantry still believe in fairies,” though no one believes he is telling the truth. Yeats is…

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  • Spoiling Opportunities As A Terror Strategy: The Irish Republican Army

    comprised of Sinn Fein’s cabinet and another nationalist group, the Irish Republican Brotherhood (Bright, 1994). Their strategy at this time was spoiling, through assassinations and ambushes for symbols of the crown and collaborators. Rather than giving Ireland the Home Rule their ministers had been fighting for in British Parliament, the British government responded by sending more troops to support the Irish policemen in the form of former soldiers who were harsh, violent, and hard to control,…

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  • The Irish Home Rule Movement

    self-government for Ireland within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. It was the dominant political movement of Irish nationalism from 1870 to the end of World War I. Source #1 Citation: C N Trueman "Home Rule And Ireland" The History Learning Site, 25 Mar 2015. 8 Jan 2018. Basic Information: Home Rule was the name given to the process of allowing Ireland more say in how it was governed freeing them from the rule of London and giving those in Ireland…

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  • Nine Years War: A Turning Point In Irish History

    The key indicators of this revolution was the growth of army size, development of disciplined firepower-centric infantry, construction of trace itallienne fortifications and ocean-going broadside sailing ships. Though Ireland was geographically on the periphery of Europe, Ireland and the course of the Nine Years War was profoundly influenced by the transformations taking place in continental Europe. The stereotypical native hosts of armoured gallowglass, kern and Scottish mercenary redshanks…

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  • The Plough And The Stars And A Star Called Henry

    The Easter Rising began on Easter Monday, 24th of April 1916, and lasted for six days. The Easter Rising was an insurrection against British rule in Ireland and took place in Ireland's capital city, Dublin. The Easter Rising of 1916 is believed to be the most compelling single event in modern Irish history. The number of plays, novels and poems centred around the Easter Rising are endless. For the purpose of this essay I will discuss how the Easter Rising is represented in both Sean O' Casey's…

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  • 20th Century Ireland Conflict Analysis

    20th century Ireland could cause conflict. Firstly, contrasting ideologies are likely to cause conflict due to the differing nature of their key features. A key factor still contributing to the tension prevailing in Ireland today is the contrasting placement of loyalty between Unionists and Nationalists. Ulster Unionist, who comprise almost exclusively of Protestants, place their loyalty to the British government and have demonstrated their loyalty and belief that Northern Ireland should re, a…

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  • Irish Diaspora Influence

    diaspora did a few different things that were absolutely vital to the establishment of peace in Ireland as well as the creation and signing of the Good Friday Agreement. Firstly to start it is important to note how important the US was in the development of peace. The US was not some small influence or bit part, but rather they were the “critical enabler and catalyst” for the peace talks that happened in Ireland (Feargal Cochrane, Bahar Baser and Ashok Swain 2009:685). With that idea in mind, it…

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