Religious Freedom In North Korea

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Religious Rights
Brittanie Haight
Campus High School

In North Korea citizens are allowed no religious freedom. Providing no religious freedoms in a country is against human rights and every citizen should have equal right to freedom of religion. In North Korea people do not have the right to express their personal faith or do simple things like teach about God or carry a bible. Juche religion is very different from most religions but relates to other to religions. Compared to most countries, North Korea is one of the very few without religious freedoms. They are forced to believe the Juche religion and be faced with death or sent to prison camps. Religious freedoms have been a major conflict in the world for many years,
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A large number of the citizens do believe in other gods and follow different religions. Most of them avoid the consequences and are willing to pay the price to fight for what they believe in. Citizens are willing to risk their life to have the religious rights to believe what they wish. No matter the consequence or threats on them and their families, people are willing to die. Christianity is huge, many citizens put their faith in God to keep them safe and to protect them no matter what consequences faced with. “Christianity continues to grow, as NK Christians risk their lives to share the message of Jesus Christ” (2014 Dec 25). Most Christians will follow their own beliefs and not worry about the risk. People will continue to share the word and preach God’s word to the public as they wish. Even when citizens are thrown into jail they continue to share the Christian faith and worship as they wish. These citizens are content with being imprisoned because the consequences do not change the way they feel about their faith and Savior. Citizens will continue to carry their Bibles and preach God’s word no matter the consequence. “Persons found carrying Bibles in public or distributing religious literature, or engaging in unauthorized religious activities such as public religious expression and persuasion are arrested and imprisoned”(2014 Mar 14). North Korea is one of the most violent countries if citizens do not follow the countries religious beliefs. Daily, people are being tortured and arrested just for admitting they love Jesus Christ and doing something as little as carrying a Bible. Many Christians spend their lives in prison or being tortured because they continually worship God as they wish. “Including the arrest, torture and even execution of people of faith and for 12 consecutive years, open door policy USA has named North Korea the most

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