Justice as Fairness: A Restatement

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    John Rawls in his book Justice as Fairness: A Restatement (2001) characterizes how idealized reasoners, reason in order to validate the two “principles of justice” (42) in a “basic structure” (10) leading to a “well-ordered society” (8). The idealized reasoners do some kind of calculation. With the “original position” (14) and the “veil of ignorance” (15) idealized reasoners can understand the “difference principle” (61). This is an important element of creating a well-ordered society. Mills finds issue with how Rawls uses this ideal as something we should follow. The issue is with something that we have to comply with. The ideal comes into play with Rawls in regards the person who does the calculations with the original position. In this paper,…

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    to the opposite perspectives they have on federal laws and policies. Most Aboriginal people argue that the current laws and policies is unfair and that it is a continuation of the past colonial laws, which have made them impoverished. On the other hand, many non-Aboriginal politicians tend to ignore the claims of the indigenous people and the poverty crisis they are in. John Rawls and Robert Nozick are the two political thinkers who could be discussed to analyze the question of whether or not…

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    see their political aims achieved . As for the arguments concerning citizens moral power to form and pursue a conception of the good, perhaps they do provide good reasons for why every citizen should have the right to vote, however, these arguments are unable to go as far as to claim that CV must be enforced because it is crucial to every citizens’ conception of the good. Presumably there are many conceptions of the good for which political engagement is not crucial, there are also likely to be…

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    (“The twilight of the resource curse?”, 2015). This money needs to be spent on sectors that create employment and the potential for future growth of the economy (“The twilight of the resource curse?”, 2015). This includes education and trades, modelling after Singapore and South Korea. All of the above are effective policies, however the more important factor to safeguard such policies is a functioning liberal democracy (Rawls, J: 2001: 6). It is important that all people in Mafurania are able…

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