Muscles of the head and neck

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  • Botox-A Synthesis

    bacteria Clostridium botulinum (Hurkadle et al., 2012). Botulinum toxin type A (BTX-A) is the main and most well-studied serotype that is used in cosmetic (Hurkadle et al., 2012). The BTX-A can be purified and isolated from fermented C. botulinum to be used as botox (Hurkadle et al., 2012). Botox has no preservatives and is a stable, sterile, vacuum-dried powder diluted with saline solution (Hurkadle et al., 2012). BTX-A is well known to correct and/or reverse the physical effects of aging and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles through reversible paralysis of the treated muscle (Hexsel et al., 2011). BTX-A has been approved in more than 75 countries for use in the cosmetic industry (Carruthers and Carruthers, 2009). It can be used to treat a variety of hyperkinetic facial lines such as crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines and glabellar rhytides in the upper face and folds and lines in the lower face and neck (Carruthers and Carruthers, 2009). Skin aging The main reason why people decide to get botox injection is due to aging and the appearance of wrinkles. The human skin will undergo changes due to increasing age and with increasing exposure to external factors such as ultraviolet radiation and smoking (Naylor et al., 2011). Increase in age will lead to the appearance of fine wrinkles and reduce elasticity, whereas exposure to external factors will lead to the development of deep wrinkles and loss of elasticity (Naylor et al., 2011). Not only there will be…

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  • Congenital Muscular Torticollis Case Study

    sternocleidomastoid B. Definition of congenital muscular torticollis (CMT) C. Common theories of the causes of congenital muscular torticollis D. Conditions CMT can result in E. Epidemiology II. Classification A. Postural torticollis B. Muscular torticollis C. Sternocleidomastoid mass III. Treatments A. Physical Therapy B. Surgery C. Botulinum Injections (Botox) The sternocleidomastoid is a superficial muscle in the cervical region. It has two heads, the sternal head and the clavicular…

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  • Essay On Cervical Strain

    affect the bones in the neck (cervical spine) and the soft tissues in the neck. A strain is when muscles or tissues (tendons) that connect muscles to bones stretch or tear. A sprain is when the tissues (ligaments) that connect bones stretch or tear. Cervical strains and sprains usually happen because of "whiplash" injuries. Whiplash is when the neck is forcefully whipped backward or forward. This condition can range from mild to severe. Severe injuries can damage the spinal cord and affect the…

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  • Text Neck Epidemic: A Case Study

    Prevention Exercises for smartphones users with Text Neck Pain (TNP). Ahmed Gaballah1,2 1-Kinesiology and Health Sciences Department, Utah State University, Logan, UT, USA 2-Depaartment of sports Health Sciences, Damietta University, New Damietta, Egypt. Introduction: Text neck become one of the most harmful pain syndrome in neck and shoulder region. People 's lifestyle nowadays has depended on smart phones in communication, reading, and entertainment. Mobile device users frequently adopt…

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  • Spear Tackler Injury Research Paper

    Spear Tackler 's Spine With Rehab Spear tackler’s spine is an injury in which the spine in the neck (cervical spine) loses its normal curve and becomes unusually narrow. This happens when you use the "spear" tackling technique, in which the head is the first point of contact. Spear tackler 's spine can damage nerves and soft tissue near the cervical spine. You may not participate in contact sports while you have this condition. In some cases, the spine may return to its normal shape, and…

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  • Muscle: Location, Action, Shape, And Function

    Evaluate how the name of a muscle can distinguish its location, action, shape, and function. Select five different muscles to make this distinction. Depending on the anatomical position of the body part, certain prefixes, and suffixes are utilized in order to find its location verbally. These prefixes and suffixes can be described by the: size of the muscle, location of the muscles, direction of the muscle fibers, amount of origins, shape of a muscle, and location of a muscle origin/insertion.…

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  • Essay On Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders

    seated neck injuries. A few very common neck injuries that are found in poorly ergonomically structured workplaces are neck tension and forward head posture. My client experiences frequent pain, or sometimes discomfort, in her left side of her neck. She stated that normally when she picks up the phone to answer a phone call, she automatically takes it to her left side, as shown in figure 1 and 2. This means that since she favors her left side of her neck, she probably has shortened muscles in…

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  • Three Different Ways To Improve Pointe Dance

    Have you ever wondered how people do pointe dance? Well, actually I am one of those people. It seems really hard but actually it is not. There are three ways that you can improve your pointe dancing skills. The first way to improve pointe is to stretch your feet really well. This will help with both cramps and the way your dancing style looks. When you do leaps and arabesques in ballet, you want your feet to be pointed. You can not point your feet if they are not stretched out. If you point…

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  • Cervicobrachial Syndrome Case Studies

    work-related injury to his neck, head and low back when the elevator he was riding suddenly drops causing him to fall backwards. The patient was subsequently diagnosed with status post cervical spine fusion; chronic pain syndrome; radiculopathy, cervical region; spinal stenosis, cervical region; and cervicobrachial syndrome. According to OMNI notes, the patient had cervical discectomy and fusion, lumbar strain and degenerative disc disease of the spine. As per visit notes on 4/7/16, the patient…

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  • Benefits Of Relax And Make Yourself In Shava Asana

     Make yourself in Shava Asana. Now raise whole body towards sky in such a way that that only shoulder and head is on the ground .  While inverting yourself balance your raised body with the help of your hands holding the back with bent elbows on the the floor ,making broad base for supporting upright straight body.  Try to keep raised part of body straight as shown in picture.  During this maintain normal breathing and stay in the posture for a while.  Now slowly slowly bring down raised…

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