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  • How Do Organisations Target Customers

    Customer Market Segmentation and Organisation`s target customers. Organisation divides customers by their age, gender, race and class. They target them by setting some schemes to attract them. Like on time of school holidays they offer school bags, Notebooks, pens on discounted price. As in New Zealand they have different aisles for international products because of diverse culture. They don’t want their Asian customers to go to some other place to buy local products they offer everything under…

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  • Spam Case Study

    Therefore, ham is a normal good and spam is an inferior good. The demand for a normal good, like ham, will go up. People see an increase in their income as an incentive to buy more preferable goods. The demand for an inferior good, like spam, will decrease when income rises. People usually see that they’re able to pay for the higher price of a normal good compared to an inferior good, especially since they have more money. There’s a negative relationship…

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  • The Five Attributes And Purchasing Habits Of Online Shoppers

    When Canadian consumers are looking to purchase goods online 80% of them do so through Canadian online retailers, while only 15% buy from the United States. Even though many U.S online retailers offer generally cheaper prices and provide shipping to Canada, Canadians prefer to do transactions with Canadians…

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  • Telephone Service Case Study

    1- To improve the overall quality of telephone service in my organization I would provide the training on knowing how to answer the phone with good manners and also emergent good communication conducts are imperative skills you can study to learn how to answer the phones. I will show them how to come upon a selection of circumstances, I will tell them we have to improve our services and its responsibility, especially for our public to help develop and to ensure the business to be able to focus…

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  • Case Study: Costco

    Costco is the third leading retailer, according to the National Retail Federation, surpassing retail giants such as Target and Home Depot. Costco has successfully created a sense of urgency and offers a well designed layout, yet, its high costs of goods and services may limit the diversity of customers. The shopping experience Costco has to offer is predominantly dependent on the layout the store. According to Gladwell, customer behavior is guided by how the products and the layout of the…

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  • The Company Culture: The Lincoln Electric Company

    The Lincoln Electric company has had, for many years, a very peculiar organizational culture which seems to fall in the Team and People oriented culture profile. Having these organizational characteristics means that the company places a lot of attention on customer and employee satisfaction. The pay packets and bonuses offered at Lincoln Electric are much higher than those offered at other, similar, companies. Also the working hours at Lincoln Electric are slightly less than those at…

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  • Turkcell And Telsim And Customer Satisfaction

    The success of every business organization is often determined by the satisfaction of their customers, as customer satisfaction is viewed as a key factor in determining a business success. Every business organization that wants to be successful often aims to increase the satisfaction of customers by adding more value to their daily transactions with their customers and also creating avenues where they can have a positive interaction with their customers which in the long run, brings about…

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  • Wholesale Shopify Store Case Study

    Firstly, should you sell wholesale? Distributing products via wholesale can be a great way to grow your business. By giving retailers the opportunity to buy your products in bulk at trade price means your products are on-route to a stocked shelf. It’s a great way to reach a whole new group of potential customers. There are additional concerns such as building relationships with stockists and keeping your inventory stocked, however, visibility at a high street department store will give your…

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  • Tita's Laundry Shop Case Study

     The business will strive to gain credibility and to provide excellent service to the customers. Through word of mouth, its loyal customers will be the ones who will share their experience of the service. A positive feedback of a service is very convincing when building the reputation of the business in the market. 6.2.2 Marketing Objectives Tito’s and Tita’s Laundry Shop is a laundry service that caters its service to the residents of high-rise condominiums in Manila. Being a start-up…

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  • Repeat Customers Case Study

    Repeat customers are the goal of every business. Acquiring a new customer can cost up to six times as much as retaining an existing customer. However, the big payoff can come in the amount that repeat customers spend. Recent studies indicate that a second-time buyer spends up to three times as much as a first-time buyer, and customers making three or more purchases spend as much as five times as much as a new customer. When you consider the revenue that loyal shoppers may generate by mentioning…

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