What Are The Pros And Cons Of College

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University Final Exam
At the beginning of the semester reality hit, I was no longer in high school it was the start of my college experience. I began to learn a lot about life and the do’s and do nots of college. College is a whole new set of responsibility’s that must be taught to be dealt with, you must learn how to plan ahead and really take a lot from all the classes you are in. College has taught me that I am not a regular student I must work twice as hard as the others in order to make the grade I would like to make and I am fine with that. College is an extraordinary place that teaches you things you never thought you could learn. While in college you are now an adult there is no one there to wake you up in the morning, telling you
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Having a set plan of when everything is due is a great way of keeping up with things and knowing what all should be done in an orderly fashion. It gives you a since of togetherness and that you are not all over the place. Planning is like having a security blanket it makes you feel safe about the things you are stepping into, it lets you know that you are going on the right path and things are going to get done. It allows you to have a little free time and know when to do things and when not to do things. Setting goals can also help motivate you to keep on pushing through and not give up on the things or person you want to be on down the line. As well as planning setting goals, can also be a great tool that helps you along your journey. By setting goals, you learn to stay motivated. Small goals can lead up to an overall larger goal that you are aiming for, you will earn feelings of reward as you finish your four years of college. By setting an overall goal, you will be able to remember the reason that you are taking such challenging classes to begin with. It will give you that extra push to just keep on moving on and never give up. Goals is what makes the world go around there is not one person out in this world that does not have a goal to better themselves or to make something out of themselves to be a better

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