Advantages Of Going To College

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My cousin just graduate from Stamford High School. He decide that he wouldn’t go to college right away. His parents told him it’s better to go now then wait, but he just didn’t listen. After a year he decide that he would go to college and after one semester he was failing all his classes, he was about to lose his job and there was so much pressure on him that he had no choice but to take a month off. There are many more stories like this one and if you are a student who is about to graduate from high school and you don’t know if you should go directly to college you should. It’s better to go to college directly from high school then to wait. Students’s skills are still sharp. By going to college right after high school you are doing yourself …show more content…
Coming directly from high school and into college not much has change expect that you are in a new environment but it’s still the same routines. You have to get up early and do your homework and so on, but someone who took 5 or more years off from school is going to have difficulty getting back into that routines because there use to staying up all night and sleeping until the afternoon. It’s going to take a while for that person to get back into the routine of waking up early and time won’t be on their side. If that person doesn’t pick up their slack then they’re going to fail the class. That’s not the only problem the person would face. Doing assignments and handing in those assignments on time would be the next problem and since it’s been awhile since they did homework they’re going to have a tough time working on it because they got work and other stuff going on. Those things are going effect the way they do the homework and when they hand it in. Quizzes and exams are two things that can change you’re grade from a B to an A or an A to a F. A person who took a year off from school would have to work hard because if they don’t then they would fail the classes. Studying is very important and when you’re someone who took a year off getting back into that routines is going to be difficult because now you’re life is pack with work and school and going out with your friends that you don’t have the time to study. My …show more content…
When you graduates from high school, your parents know that you are about to start a new chapter of your life and they know that your life is going to be stressful. What this means is that they will support you with money or telling your siblings to stop bothering you because you have work to do. Now when you’re someone who took a year off, your parents are going to support you but they’re not going to support you that much. To your parents now you are someone who can take care of themselves and it’s your responsibility to buy the stuff you need. The days of them helping you is over, it’s time for you to take responsibility. Since you don’t have your parents helping you your life is going to be more stressful because you have to go to work and do your homework and etc. Another problem that you’re going to face is that your friends are not going to be around. When you graduated from high school you had all these friends that were going to the same thing as you, but now there either done with school or about to finish it. Now when you’re talking to them and you say I hate homework or you tell them last night I stayed up all night studying, they might be able to resemble it but it’s not going to be the same feeling because they’re either done or about to be done and they’re just say yeah I remember when I had to do homework and study for test. It’s not going to be the same feeling and you will feel left out because the friends

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