Argumentative Essay: Why I Buy A Car In America

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I am the only boy child in my family, so that all my family members like me like their own child. When I told the plan, go to study abroad, to my parents. My parents just told me the choice is mine. But my grandmother and other my relatives did not allow me go to America along except my big cousin who wants to study abroad. They all think the America is too dangerous for me, and also I can not take care about myself very well. Finally, I still want to take the big challenge after long time thinking.

After two months I live in America, my skin become black from a white color. I could not bear the amazing sunlight. So I just planed to buy a car that I can avoid the high temperature. The other reason is America is very dangerous at night, so that I cannot go out at night without car. Actually, the most important reason is that I buy a car in America is cheaper than I buy a same car in China. Almost double prices, it means that I can have a BMW M3, the fast sport car, in America. But I can only buy BMW 250 in China. In addition, the American used car marketing is very developed. Finally,
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I can remember all the detail of the thing. It is happened on the broadway road and rural road. There have a siginal light with left turn light. But the left turn light just green fewer seconds. I want to go to school to have class, so I want to take a left turn. Then I saw the green left turn signal light. So I just keep my speed without slow down, after I go into the left line the green light turn yellow. I just think that this left turn light will keep red a long time, so I do not want to wait. After a half second, I made the choose that I need to pass. I press the shache to slow my speed a little bit, when I at the center of the cross road, I saw the cars by my side began move. In that moment, I was very nervis, so I did a very dangerous action, speed

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