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  • Computer Mediated Communication Reflection

    When comparing the results of my first quiz to my last one I noticed that they were a little different but not by much. To my surprise I actually scored slightly lower the second time, I think that as the semester went on I realized that I wasn’t as good at communication as thought. Taking this Intro to communication course I was able to have a new insight and view on what it means to communicate. Even though my score was slightly lower I feel as though some aspects of my communication have…

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  • Analysis Of Couples Retreat

    The movie I decided to choose is “Couples Retreat” (Billingsley, 2009). The couple I choose from the movie is Jason and Cynthia. The reason I chose them is due to the fact that they are the couple that wanted to go to the couples retreat, Eden (Billingsley, 2009). When the couple first started talking to the other couples about the retreat in the beginning of the movie, they discussed the whole reason as to why they wanted to go to this retreat and why they needed the other couples to…

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  • Growing Up People Use To Always Tell Me Analysis

    I didn 't quite understand what that meant. As time passed and I got a little older, I began to understand a little more and became aware of who I hung around. I was nice to everyone, including people I didn 't know but sometimes that 's not a good thing. I 've learned that you can 't allow everybody to come into your home, even if you’re related. It all started when I decided to move to mobile back in September to go to school. My cousin Jada and I found a nice apartment that wasn 't too far…

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  • Analyzing Olaniyi's Short Story

    change, and how it’s a learning experience. The interview also gave me some knowledge on how the climate in africa is, and how family oriented the people are. As a reader, i believe the most important thing about this story is understanding the importance of change, and how change is not always a bad thing, or what we expect. Through change comes difficulties, and these difficulties are just temporary; eventually we’ll grow to adjust to the change. Olaniyi Represents a person that goes through…

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  • David Mcclean's Analysis

    On average five parents a week are killed by their own children, which is an unimaginable act. What's even more shocking is that this statistic only makes up for 1% of all homicides, meaning on average there are over 500 homicides a week. George, the father of Wendy and Peter, is a laid-back father who isn't strict enough with his kids. Once George lays down the law his children start to resent him, and that worries him. Soon it gets to a point where he will have to call in a professional. Some…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Online Dating Worth It?

    typically created by meeting in person and simply just talking to each other about what things you want in a spouse. Online dating, however, has made it much more difficult to initially create these connections. In modern dating, it is much about messaging back and forth before actually ever meeting the person. Most of the time before ever even giving the person a chance to meet the conversation stops. Some people are not good with messaging and are more interesting when face to face with…

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  • Informative Essay: What Is Peer Pressure?

    If you 're like most people, you probably have friends, friends that you want to respect you, to like you, and to support each other. You would most likely do anything for them. This is good, it shows your trust and loyalty, but, one day, your friends might pressure you to do something you 're uncomfortable with. Would you do it? Peer pressure is a powerful tool; it is influence from someone of similar age or interest. Co-workers, friends, classmates, and family are all common examples of…

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  • The Truest Wisdom: Are The Facts Filed Below Your Conscious

    not stop them from caring about each other. Then there were the others. No, she did not understand them at all (most of the time), but that was okay. High school was a long time ago. The dreams they had made for themselves then had changed. So many things had changed. Yet what they were to each other did not. It would be hard to change a bond that had been forged by death and kidnappings.…

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  • The Future Of Afeed By M. T Anderson's Feed

    still has a long way to go before it gets even close to that type of future. And in actuality technology such as that shown in the feed is necessarily a bad thing it 's just being used in a bad way. When the feed first came out I 'm sure it wasn 't intended to be used as a mass form of marketing, "It was all da da da, this big educational thing, da da da, your child will have the advantage, encyclopedias at their fingertips, closer than their fingertips, etc.," which is not necessarily a wrong…

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  • How Is Technology Helpful

    technology is more helpful, but at the same time technology causes many problems in society. Humans around the world use technology in their everyday lives, some use them in positive ways and others use them in negative ways. Technology can be a good thing when it’s used in the right ways. Technology can also be helpful, even if humans don’t use it in the right ways. Technology can also be used in harmful ways. Through technology people can be deceived, cyber bullied,…

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