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  • Negative Essay: How Depression Can Affects Our Society

    Everyone who does not know about depression will be surprise of how often this problem affects our society. Depression is a serious condition that unfortunately it can happen at any age but it’s more common among teens. The effects that depression has can range from affecting a persons personality to affecting the ones who surrounds the individual with depression. some of the many ways in which depression can affect someone is by altering the way you feel, think and act. In addition, feeling…

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  • The Manipulation Of Macbeth In William Shakespeare's Play

    Imagine someone pushes a snowball down a hill as it rolls down the steep hill someone else give it an extra push. Who's fault is it when the snowball, massive in size, hits a pedestrian and injures them? The one who initially pushed the snowball down the hill or the one who gave it the extra push? This is what happens in Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, the witches gave the initial push to Macbeth while Lady Macbeth gave an extra push all leading to the murder of many. Before all of this,…

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  • The Williams Gang: A Short Story

    is that of a gang called the Williams Gang that have been creating havoc in this town. The killed Roy during a bank robbery and word is that they are on their way back to the town to finish up their work." "How good are these men?" "They are exceptionally good and ruthless. They have no issues killing anyone that get in their way. I am working with one of the Marshals, but the issue is me and him have had our past and he might not be too willing to assist me in this case. so in short, we need…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Shadow Gem Rest Within This Cave

    [ "Hey who 's there I can 't see you" "Anyhow welcome to my gym" "Darkness gave birth to the universe" ] Hello my names Drew, I became a gym leader following the exploration to find the legendary shadow Pokemon known as Darkrai. While exploring the ruins leading to the discovery that Darkrai did exist me and my partner Murkrow were getting close and shared a deep trainer bond. Soon after my team started to form and now after exploring for many years I decided to settle in and start up my own…

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  • O Blood Persuasive Speech

    Once upon a time there was a 22 year old college student who was named Lois McArthur. She was one of a kind for graduating from a college I never heard of called Pimento University, but I digress. She was on and off in some coo coo nonsense relationship with this guy named Ted, I mean who names someone Ted what is he the star actor to the movie Ted? I bet you she dated him because his name was Ted and she thought that he was like a teddy bear. Anywho one day Lois happens to get hit with the…

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  • Personal Identity: A Personal Perspective Of Myself

    17. In my daily life, my generalized other helps me to get through the day. With “me”, I’ve learned that this part is the more rational side of myself. Whereas my “I” is the more impulsive side. Together they help to keep me sane and make decisions that will guide me through life. Even though the “I” does not really care what others think, the “me” makes it apparent to understand what is happening around me. I look to both as way to balance myself and shape who I am as a person. However, I’ve…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Father Joey Montijo

    I would like to congratulate my father Joey Montijo and my step-mother Sara Montijo for ultimately showing me that you can make a person suffer his whole life and cry and cry well sitting next to a window hoping to see that person you really wanted to see and only to realize they leave you for months and months and even years and then finally come to you when your so broken and filled with despair, take in mind I am the ultimate despair you made dad and you know dad I have defended you my whole…

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  • Holi Case Study Indian Culture

    Holi In this scene, Todd becomes immersed in Indian culture, which transforms his attitude. Todd left the house to walk to work, without noticing a note on his door that informed him not to go out today. When Todd was walking to work, he got caught up in the Hindu holiday, Holi. Holi is the “festival of colours” (Holi, 2017) during the changing of the seasons, from winter to spring. Holi is celebrated by throwing coloured powders on your friends, family, foes, and people you do not know. Puro…

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  • Children Are Being Casteed Out Essay

    Did I or agree or disagree? I disagree with bullying on any and every level. Children are being casted out, because of the way that they look. And that’s from all walks of life. That is very sad from a worldly perspective. I was very surprised that the young man from Sioux City, Iowa, with 4 siblings and two parents didn’t have any friends at his school. That has to be very lonely. We are not designed to live in isolation in this world as human beings. Everybody in his class had at least 2…

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  • Serial Killers: A Fictional Narrative

    I walked down the corridor of the expensive New York apartment building, just wondering how I was going to talk THE SPENCER LITTMAN-HAYNES. The man who has taken on every near impossible court case and won, the one who survived a shooting, and well everything in between. I get to the door and knock lightly not wanting to disturb anything even he knows I'm coming, I waited a minute and nothing happened so I knocked again and little harder this time. The door opened and spencer was there "Hello…

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