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  • Reflective Essay About Regret

    Regrets There are few moments in my life I truly regret. Few moments where I wish I could turn back the ever-moving hands of time and change the outcome of a series of events. When I was very young, about seven or eight, my parents sat me down and told me how they no longer loved each other, how I should not think of this as any fault of my own, and how they would always love me no matter what happens to them. I knew they were lying though, and it wasn’t until I was ten that anyone could have…

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  • Importance Of Writing Reflection

    Randy: I really liked the format of your response. It was very well written. I too am a criminal justice major. However, I have never had a very strong interest in writing and am hoping this course changes that. Your College Composition and Literature course sounded very interesting, and I think I would have benefited from a course like that. I couldn 't agree with you more regarding having difficulties organizing a paper. I often struggle with this as well, and I hope this course helps me to…

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  • My Step Father

    I was twelve, and in the fifth grade; I loved talking to people and climbing trees and playing with bugs. I didn’t know how to make coffee, because I never drank it, and mum never wanted me to make it, lest I decided I suddenly wanted to drink coffee, because coffee was bad for you and turned you into a short old woman. At least, that’s what she told me; I had no reason not to believe her. My step-father was babysitting me because my mum had been called into work last minute, and she left in a…

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  • Cymbals: A Short Story

    He shakes his head, clarifying he isn 't giving it back. "What am I supposed to do with one cymbal?!" I ask him. "Together?" He proposes. I grin and nod. We clap the cymbals together, one in his hand and one in mine. As our eyes meet every single time the instrument produces a sound, my heart skips a beat. My whole body wants to inch closer to him, even though we 're extremely close to each other. There 's a ghost of a smile on his lips. No matter how creepy it looks, I know it 's real. I…

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  • The Truth In The Abyss Analysis

    The Truth in the Abyss When writing they say it is always best to tell the truth. I do not know who “they” are, but “they” seem to be vaguely arrogant, entirely omnipotent and the enforcers of way too many rules. That being said, the truth does not exist. Each person’s perspective of a situation is in and of itself a unique truth. My truth of that night is different than my mother’s. I will get to those truths, but first here is the beginning. Anxiety holds my hand while 3 a.m. holds my…

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  • Why I Want To Do The American Dream Essay

    Have you ever thought about what your future would look like?I can say I will make it happen, with faith in myself. As in Henriques novel, they sacrificed to a better place for their families,” American Dream”, to have a better future. I want to do the sacrifice to improve, be capable of being educated, education is powerful that will make my career dream come true. “People do what they have to do in life. We try to get from one end of it to the other with dignity and with honor. We do the…

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  • Five Dimensions Of My Personality

    My scores on the five dimensions of my personality were very straightforward and only ranged a little. In the extroversion or surgency category I scored relatively high. This means my score of 38 was in the top 30%. On the contrary, in the agreeableness or friendliness I scored relatively low with a 22. Since I was relatively low, so I scored in the bottom 30%. For the last three factors, which are conscientiousness or dependability, neuroticism, and openness or intellect, I scored somewhere in…

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  • Growing Up Without A Father-Personal Narrative

    me in such a big way that I don’t even understand the concept of what life would be like with a Dad. I wouldn’t change my life, or the people who are in my life. My mom is my best friend and has done one hell of a job raising my brother and I, as a single mom. My mom is the one who scared the monsters away under my bed, heard my first words, watched me take my first steps, held my hand crossing the street, and wiped my tears all those times I was hurt. She’ll be the one to walk me down the isle,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Everything Happens For A Reason

    Everything happens for a reason I lived my whole life in Mexico a place where you can meet good friends and, most of them people don’t have nothing not even a dime on them, but they are very humble. I won’t deny that Mexico is also a country where there is so much evil where even walking down the street you can feel yourself unprotected from their own people and the government itself, but nevertheless Mexico is like a playground where you can spend all your time having fun. To succeed in Mexico…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Walk Through The Woods

    This was my first time hiking through the woods. so far i loved the scenery of the wilderness. The waterfall was crystal clear and the mud was melted chocolate. The air was like i have never seen before. In the city it is impossible to breath because there are no trees, and the air is polluted because us humans destroy it. I was not used to walking this far. My legs were like jelly, My knees were about to give out. I felt like a eighty year old woman. For the most part it was not too bad. We…

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