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  • Stress And Jealousy-Personal Narrative

    “Shut up! You already have a car! Let me ride the four-wheeler!” I exclaimed as I slammed the door. I jumped on the four-wheeler and headed out to seek solitude in my moment of stress and jealousy. Erin had just graduated from high school, and we were at our dad’s for the weekend celebrating her recent success. The year was 2001, and it was the beginning of May. Erin is my older sister who is the most spoiled. I just didn’t think it was fair for her (owning a car) to go and ride the…

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  • My Identity Essay

    Identity: This is an issue I have struggled with my whole life. Who am I? Who should I be? Why do I even exist? Would the world be better off without me? Do I even make a difference? I have asked my self these questions over and over again, driving myself deeper into a hole of self-pity and assumed worthlessness. From the time I was just a toddler, I have wondered if I had a place I this world. Why, you might wonder, would a little girl even think things like this? I clarify, I had an amazing…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Worlds Strongest Bond

    The worlds strongest bond In life everyone has one person they have a special and deep bond with that they don’t have with another person in the world. Sometimes no one knows for sure how or why this happens but after it does happen you’re glad it did. My special bond is with my grandmother and I don’t think there is anyone or anything else in this world I cherish more than her. Our bond began since I was a little kid and still gets stronger today. There’s so many memories that I have made of…

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  • Twin And A Friend Character Analysis

    In the complex life I live, I seem to play many roles: a daughter, twin and a friend. Being a daughter is the best gift that anyone could’ve ever given me. I’m saying this because I’m not only the daughter of my dad, but I’m also the daughter of God. Knowing that from both of them, I have unconditional love is a blessing sent from heaven. Remembering that no matter what, I’ll always have what I need because my dad has worked his whole life to make sure that my sister and I are content. He’s…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Ecstasy Of King Tut's Journey

    To go back in time, to stand in the footsteps of Howard Carter, would be a moment of ecstasy. I can only imagine the anticipation that would fill my soul, as my conscience reminded me that I must remain calm, as many eyes stood by watching my every move. A seven year journey that I had embarked upon and finally my treasure, King Tutankhamen treasures for his eternity have been discovered or had they been pillaged. Finding myself a bit reluctant, I imagine I would begin to shake as it came time…

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  • Ping-Pong: A Short Story

    fingers, and the lash eased. I stood up awkwardly, resigned to my fate like a condemned detainee consenting to their impending doom. The others seemed to accept their lot as well, and filed in a neat dress-right-dress line behind the man. We marched, single file, heads down, into an antique bronze elevator with a scissor gate. The winch lugged us up three floors and dinged to a stop. The man folded the barrier back and opened a purple door. Huge carved, red Chinese dragons with horns of ivory,…

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  • The Canada Goose Analysis

    The wind is frigid. Campus bustles with life—faintly stiffened by the cold bite. It is just another wintery day at the University of Michigan: salted sidewalks, slush-covered surfaces, in all, a snowy scene. While the squirrels hibernate cozily in their dens, the geese gaggle about campus—Canadian geese, specifically. What started out as a coat made for arctic expeditions, Himalayan quests, and Yukon excursions, has now blossomed into one of winter’s biggest fashion trends. Because, oui,…

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  • And For You, Miss Deluise !: A Short Story

    "And for you, Miss Deluise?" the genie asked, finally reaching me. "I wish for unlimited wishes!" I exclaimed, the words slipping from my mouth as the laughs tumbled out of those I called my companions. "Jamie, you can 't wish for that! There are rules!" Paul insisted, his glasses almost falling off as his head shook violently. All of them looked at me with pure superiority, as I apparently did not even know the rule. "No, a wish is a wish. As you wished, Miss Deluise. Unlimited wishes," the…

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  • Narrative Essay About Fishing

    As I was approached the cashier to check out at the student center I noticed it was my friend Pattie. Pattie is 65 years old. She works a couple of hours at the student center on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. To make conversation I asked her how was her day and she responded with "great how about yours?" I said it was good. Excited it was Friday. I asked Pattie what she was doing for the weekend and she said "fishing". I told Pattie I have never been fishing before so she asked could she…

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  • Short Story: Wanted: Matt Kennamer-Attempted Murder

    When the email appeared in my inbox, I knew it was bad. The subject heading read: “Wanted: Matt Kennamer - Attempted Murder”. I clicked the link and his old mug shot appeared on the screen. It was him alright - a picture from a previous arrest for a D.U.I., his face swollen - the eyes bloodshot. A shit eating grin that said ‘I’ve been here before and I’ll do it again. Fuck you, these walls won’t hold me.’ He’d bailed out receiving a fine and substance abuse classes. This time was different.…

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