Personal Narrative-The Fall Of Antarctica

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The fall..
I woke up one day to find myself getting chilled, I opened my eyes, the bright light tingled them. I found tones of snow all around. The gusty wind was really scary, killing me with its chillness. I stood up roamed some steps. It seemed like I was on one of the glaciers in some part in Antarctica...puzzled...I moved on, From a distant I saw a full grownup but lean and thin polar bear on the edge, her kids were playing around her in warmth love of their mother.
Leaving the occasional clamor of the sea waves hitting the beaches, there was a dead silence all around. I used to know from my childhood days that Antarctica is full of life full of creatures, from, the lazy seals, the human like walking penguins, the huge albatrosses bird, the whales curving over water surface to the numerous screaming birds, nothing used to be so silent so dead there. what had happened? where they gone? I was confused and disturbed. I went to the edge, looked around to see melting glaciers, it
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the question was still disturbing me, I opened my laptop and surfed about Antarctica and the related threats, Global warming, it tends out to be a silent killer here having a number of effects, melting of ice, abnormal temperature changes, average rise in earth surface temperature, rise in sea water level, disturbance of the natural migration of birds, affecting the wildlife species, with time it may lead to extinction of a number of species, if we today don't adapt some serious steps they will sure leave us, it's time to think how much we love these dumb and innocent creatures and how much we respect nature, my nightmare was time ahead but was definite to come if we follow what we are following, It is us who can save them from ourselves so that in future no fall in reality will occur. if we fail only stories will be

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