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  • Ebenezer Scrooge's Regret In A Christmas Carol

    Regret in a Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol is a Christmas classic loved by generations. It is a tale that has been adapted through the years into many forms because of its strong ability to share morals and show the importance of love, friendship, and family at the holidays . The main character, Scrooge, is a rude and greedy man. Throughout the book he learns that life isn't all about money and material gains. It should be about family, love and what a person does with their life. One…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Interview With A Mother

    I interviewed a mom who I will call KG. KG has a daughter that is approximately 16 months old who I will refer to as RG. RG has not always attended a daycare center. The first six months after she was born KG was a stay at home mom to her daughter. KG was going to school for education during that time and when she finished and decided to look for a job is when RG began going to this daycare center where KG is a teacher. The center that she attends is a Christian based daycare. One of the…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Love Of My Life

    She walked quietly into the bedroom I had been staying in ever since Benjamin passed away. My daughter, Amelia, allowed me to live with her because she knew my husband’s death would have been difficult to deal with on my own. She had just returned from collecting a few photo albums from my house in Manhattan. “Good morning,” Amelia said cheerily carrying three enormous photo albums, “I can’t believe you have so many pictures of you and Dad. There must be so many memories you two shared.” “Oh…

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  • Why Do We Lie Wrong

    My furrow-browed brother asked me if I had been on his computer, and scrawny six year old me stared back. My mind raced, but the only thing that fell out of my mouth was silence. After all, I had been raised right. Lying was wrong. At the same time, I couldn’t admit to doing wrong. Ergo, silence. I thought I had discovered pure brilliance. If I never admitted to doing wrong, I couldn’t get in trouble. Six year old me had stumbled onto a large part of the human condition quite by accident.…

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  • Pony Boy Monologue

    Ponyboy was really the first person I could express my opinions to and the first person I could really talk to about how I feel about this stupid social division we have to go by. Even though he doesn’t really understand how we Socs have problems too, I can see that he at least sort of understands- not completely, but just a little… Knowing that he sort of understands is a mixed feeling of relief and just a bit of an absurd feeling as well, I mean, a Soc and a greaser actually having a nice…

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  • Examples Of Structuralism In Slumdog Millionaire

    Through Good and Evil In Reading Lessons, Scott Carpenter states “Structuralism is a multifaceted group of theories with varied and disparate goals” (27), explaining it is a collection of many theories and patterns which are not actually focus on a single goal but can be studied from any point of view. Structuralism doesn’t study the original purpose of creator but focus in the structure of the text or movie. Carpenter illustrates that “just because an author meant to communicate something in…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Slip Sliding Away Down The Ethical Slope'

    Rhetorical Analysis of “Slip Sliding Away, Down the Ethical Slope” By Robert J. Sternberg Nahiea Zaman “Slip, Sliding Away, Down the Ethical Slope,” by Robert J. Sternberg is an essay about how making ethical decisions is difficult. The author argues that making ethical decisions is a hard choice that does not come to people naturally and is influenced by the people in his or her environment. According to Sternberg, in order to make an ethical choice one goes through an eight-step process…

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  • Scripture Proverbs 29: 14

    Before handle the above cases, Please read this scripture Proverbs 29:14. On November 10th 2016, approximately a mile to exit 31 when I noticed some thing went off my dash lights. I made plan to pull in to the nearest truck stop, which is located at the exit 31 approximately a mile from the exit. Just before the exit, Sgt Alen Moore pulled me over and indicated that the trailer lights was out. I told him that I had lights on the trailer, but I’ve notice something went out of my dash, it must…

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  • The Importance Of Scrooge In A Christmas Carol

    he Future is determined by one’s action in the present, So when given a chance to look at the future, people will want to come back to the present, and change their actions for a better future. In the novella A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Scrooge, the main character, is a wicked and grumpy man to start with. As four ghost visits him, with the ghost of future as the most influential, Scrooge becomes a caring, joyful man. While the all the ghosts are important in the development of…

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  • Essay About Being Educated

    Describing what being educated is was hard for me. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it meant to me. The first thing I did was look up the dictionary the definition of educated it said: having an education: having a particular kind of education: showing education. As I did my reading and pondered these definitions The Everybody is Ignorant, Only on Different Subjects, by Eliot Butler really stood out to me. He lists multiple people in his paper that I would consider brilliant and well above…

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