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  • Personal Narrative: The Moments That Changed My Life

    We started as friends and we didn’t expect that we were going to be special to one another. It wasn’t planned at all, but when I got to know you I opened my life to you and that’s when I fell for you until it became okay and then it didn’t become okay because of situations. You are one of the people who make me the happiest and I say this without the slightest bit of exaggeration. Your jokes were so ridiculous that they always catch me off guard and have me laughing like crazy. In those rare…

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  • What Are The Importance Of Animals In Zoos

    Hello everyone. Thanks for coming here. My name’s Hong Au Thuy Tien. Today, I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about “Animals in entertainment”. My talk is divided into 3 parts. I'll begin by giving you an overview of the use of animals for human entertainment. Then I will talk about the life of animals in zoos and circuses. And finally, I'll propose some solution for the problem. I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have at the end. Now, let’s start with a…

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  • Narrative Essay On The Tracker School

    “Why isn’t there a Tracker school?” Scarlett asked. “All of the Trackers are sent directly here because we need them as close and as safe as possible. They are the true life-savers. If we had them separated, we wouldn’t be able to get as many mutants. It’s best if you don’t think about it,” Nikolai shrugged at Scarlett’s confused face. “Why do the Vulkans care about our schools existing?” Ryan asked. Nikolai sighed. “See? Now this is why the majority of the fledglings start out in a…

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  • My Four-Wheeler Narrative

    Blacking in and out, confusion and fear filled my mind as I slowly woke up lying on my back between my four-wheeler and the cold ground. I was numb; my mind was racing “what just happened?” All in the matter of seconds. I hear a faint yelling of some sort as I close my eyes again. “Kylie!” I open my eyes; everyone around me was moving the four-wheeler from off top of me, and my step dad and his friend trying to wake me up. My eyes closed. It was a mid January morning in 2012; I was 15 years…

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  • Stereotypes-Original Writing

    She didn 't even look... upset. She walked into court as if it was the easiest thing for her. Boss? So what do you think? Should we make our move? I don 't care what you do. Do anything you want. Go. I want to be alone. I don 't want to speak out of turn, but seeing you like this... It 's like that time when you couldn 't walk. You were ready to give up. I can 't let you go back there. Tell me what to do. Cosmo, do you want to help? Find the bastard who ripped my family apart, so I…

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  • Positive Self-Talk Research Paper

    Whatever you come up with is the kind of positive self-talk that it is making you feel good right now, even when you are looking up on the Internet 'I don 't know what to say to make myself happier." You see, you do know what to say. That 's because you know what you want. You know what you desire and crave. You know what makes you proud of yourself and fond of yourself. And when you say things that are in line with your deepest self and desires, you feel happier. As you can see, though,…

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  • Argument Peer Review Essay

    Step #4: Evaluating an Argument Peer Review Instructions: Please answer each question in detail. I expect at least three to four sentences per question. Does the author present the issue in his or her introduction? Suggestions? I think their intro is pretty decent. It starts off qith a questions then goes on to answer them. Starting off with a catching question is a good start in my book. Does he start from general information and move to specifics? Suggestions? I believe so. They starts off…

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  • Denial In The Things They Carried

    The Truth Lies Within The Story When faced with trauma, every individual reacts differently and chooses to express their emotions distinctly. This is especially evident in soldiers and how they deal with loss during wartime situations. In his novel The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien explores different coping mechanisms for those in traumatic situations. O 'Brien explores the various ways with which soldiers cope with wartime experiences such as through social dependency , through denial…

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  • Reflection In Professor Zack's Media Production Class

    This current semester I am enrolled in Professor Zack’s Media Production I class. Our first project of the semester was a silent film that would focus on someone or something involving a lock and a key while expressing an emotion. This project wasn’t a solo project, but instead involved working with one other person. The lock and key could be metaphoric or literal and from that concept we had to tell a story in twelve to fifteen shots. Our idea was to convey a young musician finding the right…

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  • The Importance Of Innocence And Storytelling

    people that are no longer with us. Also he means that you can make someone believe something that sounds real, but in the end it’s just a story made up by a person’s creativity and his gift to write in such way that makes the reader believe every single word. In the story “The Lives Of The Dead” by Tim O’Brien, a Vietnam war veteran and a writer, O’Brien writes about the wonders of storytelling and how you can bring a dead friend back from the dead. In this…

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