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  • To Kill A Mockingbird: A Short Story

    "OUCH!" I yelled. "Oh my god, can you shut up?" a voice said "Yes totally, shut up" another voice said. I flew open my eyes. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU BOTH?" I yelled on top of my lungs. I asked this question to Jason and Meredith for about a millionth time now. "umm..let us see...maybe because we are going to the beach today and, our bus is going to leave in about 22 minutes, to be exact" Meredith answered, after rolling her eyes. "shit" I mumbled to myself. How can I be so stupid…

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  • Alternate Ending To Thomas Hardy

    He sounded a little reluctant at first, but then answered, "Agreed." On the sofa, I had grabbed a throw pillow and begun to squeeze it. I was so nervous... "I need to tell you about a certain kind of person," she began, "...and these kind of people you may know, and I want you to keep an eye out for them. There are certain kind of people who specialize in fooling others for their own personal gain, and they have no way of empathizing with other people." He shuddered. "This is scary..."…

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  • Short Story: The Wonder Horse

    Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lucy. She lived in a tiny town way up in the high desert where the air was cool and sweet as chili pepper ice cream. And Lucy loved a horse. She used to wake up every morning and go to bed every single night thinking of JUST ONE THING . . . Rex, The Wonder Horse. The most extraordinary horse in the whole wide world. It wasn 't easy having a friend like Rex. Wherever Rex and Lucy went, trouble followed ----lots of trouble. Although pretending was fun,…

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  • Cape Town Short Story

    vetkoeks. - Are you okay? - Oh, yeah. I 'm okay. - Would you like some lunch? - Yes, I 'd love some. - I cooked it myself. - Wow! It looks very delicious. Look, I have to go. - See you. - Goodbye. Tell me, friend... in the whole of KwaMashu not a single person wanted to do their hair today? Don 't beat yourself up. I only had one client…

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  • Reflection Of Linguilogy: How Are Things Going?

    Hello Ruslan, How are things going? How`s your day? I am fine, enjoying my holidays. Probably, it`s the last summer when I don`t work. I graduate from university the next year and I have to work hard. I am an «eternal student» because when I was 18, I entered the Medical academy (possibly, I told you about it, sorry, if I repeat), but everything was horrible at the institution. The academy was horribly corrupted, students received good marks only because of their money, many students were…

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  • My Holiday Essay

    “Well if that is what you really want,” I shouted at my friend and walk quickly through then slam the door. There were supposed to be nothing happen. We were still talling like we used to be. I have already spent one fine year with him. I thought this is just going to be another fine term, but I was wrong. Maybe our days has come to an end. The sun hang in the sky, the air was so dry like all the steam has disappeared. I dragged my luggage walked along the street, no other people on the street…

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  • Paige's Formal Operations Stage Of Cognitive Development

    The effect you’ve had on my cognitive growth has been a lot both for the good, and the bad. You taught me everything, you both did. Everyone thought I was going to fall behind, but we showed them and I was doing more than most babies my age except for the walking part. You guys made me so smart I almost failed out of kindergarten. I never had to study in high school either so I had to accommodate my schema for learning new things in college, which I assimilate with my college courses now, and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Ezra's Breaking Up

    “I can handle a lecture from anyone Ezra, just not you. Not today.” “Come on Aria, that is not fair.” Ezra shuts the door behind him. This was not a fight I wanted to have right now. I turn to him, “Not today okay, I’ve heard enough from my dad. Just later please, I just…” A wave of pain swept over me, cutting my words off. Frowning, my hand goes straight to my barely-there baby bump. Ezra notices straight away. He takes two steps toward me, his arms outstretched. “What’s wrong?”…

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  • My Definition Of Resistance Essay

    Author, Steven Pressfield defines resistance as a force that drives us from doing out best, by consuming us with fear about our gifts and talents. Resistance, stops us from doing things that can be good for us because the unknown afterwards is frightening. He characterizes resistance as fast, powerful, and almost addicting. It is circling around us, and yet we have no idea when it is going to hit us. Resistance is not something that we can see, instead it is something that we can feel. A…

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  • Purple Heart: A Short Story

    “Son if you take this award you honor the unit that they belonged to. I also believe their families would want you to have it. The families of those who are alive today because of your actions under fire would also want you to have it.” “General Dempster reached over, pinning not only the Bronze Star on my pillow, but my second Purple Heart. Rising up the General came to attention and saluted me. I sure didn’t deserve that. I tried to return the salute, but it hurt too much. Why am I alive,…

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