The Naughty Court Stenography Analysis

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The Naughty Court Stenographer

Willie was an IT technician for the county’s courthouse. He had been in that position for several years. He was repairing court room equipment so that they could run smoothly.
Lately though, Willie, a middle-aged man had his mind on this beautiful new stenographer that had started working at the Aberdeen courthouse.
He had the pleasure of going there to repair her stenographer equipment and he became immediately infatuated with the young woman who seemed to be slightly under his own age. She was tall and thin, faired skin and had short black hair. She had a killer face, just the way Willie liked it.
One day he got a message on his phone that asked him to go to the court to repair Angie’s equipment. Willie looked
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They both walked out of the courthouse in the frigid end of day.
“Wow, it is really cold now! I did not expect that.” said Angie.
“Neither did I.” said Willie.
“We better hurry.” he continued.
Willie opened the door for Angie, who hopped in his truck. He went around and got in and started his vehicle. The couple waited a bit for the vehicle to warm up and off they went. On the way home Willie did not talk much. He was quite shy and did not talk much unless someone had questions for him.
“You are quiet Willie.” said Angie.
“Yes, I am, I guess.” he replied.
“I must thank you for doing this. Tomorrow I will get that hunk of junk that I call my card towed to the garage to have a mechanic look at it.” she said.
“Tell me Willie, are you married?” asked Angie.
"No, I am not, why?" replied Willie.
“Oh just curious, I have seen that you have no ring on your finger and I was wondering why a nice guy like you did not have any woman.” she replied.
“I guess I am just too shy, I would say.” he replied nervously.
"I don’t find you shy. You are very nice Willie." replied Angie.
Willie did not expect this. He surely had an eye on Angie for the longest time, but he never thought she would be that straightforward with
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She hung both of the coats on a hanger and they both removed their boots.
“Come with me.” said Angie as she guided Willie to her living room.
“Have a seat.” she asked of Willie, which he did.
Angie opened the door of the fridge and grabbed a pan from it. She took some plates and put a piece of lasagna on each and tossed one of the plates in the microwave oven.
“You must be starved.” she said as she sat down.
“Yes, I am.” said Willie.
“I am happy that you brought me home safely. Everyone else left in a hurry when they heard that the storm was coming for supper time.” she said as she watched the microwave countdown.
Angie removed her suit coat and it revealed the tight blouse that she was wearing.
Willie was in awe as he looked at the cleavage of Angie from the table not far from the kitchen sink.
“Man it gets warm quick in here.” she said as she went to adjust the thermostats of the kitchen room.
The microwave beeped and she took out the plate and some utensils set it in front of Willie.
“What do you want to do drink? I don’t have much really, just soda pop or water.” she said.
“A soda will do.” replied

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