Childhood: A Brief Biography Of Willien Thomas

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Willien Thomas was born in the year of 1951 at the Hall County Hospital in the State of Georgia. She was an average sized baby, and wore cloth diapers. She grew up with her father and mother, she has an younger brother. she was close to her grandparents and they impacted her the most while growing up.
Her father 's name was Hubert Thurmond, he cut hair for a living and he served in the army for five years. He was in WW2, he spoke softly and calmly to everyone that he encountered. He was a wise man and he was the head of the household. He died when Willien was thirteen by automobile accident. Willie loved her father and believe he was the best father in the world. Her mother’s name was Dollie Thurmond, she was a housekeeper for many years. Dollie was a well respected lady, she always help people with whatever anyone needed. Her mother was cared about the kids and the family at the church that they attended. Her mother help out with the program at the church. She was also in charge of bible studies and Easter.
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she went to school with her best friend Betty. They were like sisters, they always hung out together. They are still friends till this very day. Willie loved to read and write, but she was like her brother and struggled with school. She had to study a lot to keep her grades up. She enjoyed Learning different stuff, she always had an imagination while reading the book. She imagined about the places that she wanted to go. Her least favorite thing about school was not Getting new books. She also loved Playing outside. She would Play in the rock house and make mud pies and pick berries and eat them. Her favorite dog While growing up was Bozdo he was white and he had brown spot. He loved going on walks and playing catch and sniffing other dog’s butt. That dog lived a very long time for at least ten years. He enjoyed eating the berries that Willie picked. Willie enjoyed being a child while growing

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