Personal Narrative-My First Vietnam War

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“Oh shit….shit…!” That was the last thing I remember saying before I was taken to the hospital.
“So how are you feeling today, Mr. Morris?” The therapist lady had a smirk on her face as if she didn’t already know or understand my suffering “Can you tell me about the war Mr. Morris?” She asked.
I remember hearing these loud and mean machines flying right above us. I remember having this feeling in my stomach as if I knew my death was inevitable, as if the world has finally come to an end, as if God and death were staring right at me and reaching their hand and waiting for me to reach back” She stared at me with a face with a mixture of fear and pity. She looked right past my scars, my burnt, disgusting face and yet she saw nothing. She couldn’t distinguish what to feel towards me, but that didn’t matter, I didn’t need some lady telling me how I’m supposed to feel, telling me how I should deal with my “uncertain circumstances”. But what can I say she is just doing her job.
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Morris continue to tell me more about your uncertain circumstances.” She said. “Remember I’m here to help you” “I was apart The US 101st Airborne Division 's mission, our job was to secure the four exits across the marshland near the coast for the invading US 4th Infantry Division at Utah beach. These causeways needed to be secured because on each side of the exits, it was flooded several feet deep in places. The 101st also were tasked to destroy two bridges over the Douve and to capture the La Barquette lock just north of Carentan. The lock controlled the water height of the flooded areas and it was essential that it be captured.” he

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