Descriptive Essay About Love

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“Oh shit….shit…!” That was the last thing I remember saying before I was taken to the hospital.
“So how are you feeling today, Mr. Morris?” The therapist lady had a smirk on her face as if she didn’t already know or understand my suffering “Can you tell me about the war Mr. Morris?” She asked.
I remember hearing these loud and mean machines flying right above us. I remember having this feeling in my stomach as if I knew my death was inevitable, as if the world has finally come to an end, as if God and death were staring right at me and reaching their hand and waiting for me to reach back” She stared at me with a face with a mixture of fear and pity. She looked right past my scars, my burnt, disgusting face and yet she saw nothing. She
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As Kathleen and I make out in our favorite booth, Dustyn swoops in and gets in the middle of us, making me and her kiss him on the cheek. Dustyn had a lot of good qualities, but being single was not one of them. I knew Dustyn had always had the hots for my girl and he even had the audacity to ask her out to our Junior dance right in front of me. Dustyn supposedly said that Kathleen talked to him first and wanted him first instead of me. So I had to do what I had to do, I got Dustyn a date. She was what you would call a “slut”,but Dustyn didn’t care, for him everyone was perfect in their own way.
As we walk past the newspaper stand on Monday morning, I look over and I rapidly pick up the “New York World Telegram” and read “1500 DEAD IN HAWAII CONGRESS VOTES WAR”. I slowly look up at Dustyn, “Get your bags, say bye to your women, we off to war.” As we walk to school, everyone is out on the streets talking to one another, I hear one lady say, “I hear they 're going to start drafting people by Thursday, I really hope don’t take my boys, they’re all I have. The past week, teachers in my school are telling me to “support your country and only courageous man join the war." Every corner that I can lay my eyes on, some man telling me to join a war I don 't want to join. As we line up waiting for our name to be called, waiting for a high ranking official
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They are at restaurant, balloons, presents, and family members all over the dining room hall. The music is playing and everyone is dancing and drinking wine. Dustyn leaves the room and someone charges at the door and screams “Where is he?”. Everybody quickly turns their head and Dustyn immediately comes back into the room and shouts “Is everything ok sir?” The man charges at Dustyn and grabs him by the neck choking on him.
“Did you think I would not notice.”, he said while choking dustyn
“I’m so sorry, I thought you were dead.” Dustyn said barely breathing.
“Sorry?, you left me to die and then you come back to be with my wife!” he said still choking Dustyn
“Zack, how are you alive?, Kathleen said.
“And you!”, Zack screamed. “You stupid whore, how could you?” Zack cried.
I released Dustyn and went immediately to the table and I kicked Dustyn in the stomach and stabbed him in the leg. Kathleen began to scream, but that didn 't matter, her scream was loud enough to fully reach me.I then grabbed the knife out of Dustyn’s leg and stabbed Kathleen in the stomach, not knowing that at that moment God was receiving another life in his kingdom. Moments later I wake up and see people screaming, the walls breaking apart, and fire spreading everywhere. I see police and the paramedics came in and dragged all the three of us out. We were on our way to the

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