' I Might Flunk This Class?

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“I might flunk this class,” Michael whimpered, staring at the long list of assignments, homework and tests he failed to do. Ever since Tia threaten to divorce him on Monday he’s been concerned about how his grade could drop down to a zero.
“It’s you’re fault Michael,” Tre snickered, showing no kind of remorse. “I warned you what would happen if you didn’t stand your ground.”
“What am I going to do? I can’t afford to flunk this class. I’m on probation and another failing grade would get me kicked out of school.”
Tre placed his hand solidly on Michael’s shoulder, looked deeply into his eyes and appeared to have forced a fake tear out. “Michael, if you need anything, and I mean anything, don’t be afraid to ask Ariana.”
“Thank you.” Why is my
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“Touché. We’re doing what we always do, so ain’t missing much.”
I wonder why she’s late. “Hey Tia,” I chirped, giving her a hug.
“Hey Ariana.”
“Good morning my dearest Tia,” Michael bowed, acting as if she was the queen of England.
She rolled her eyes; obviously not falling for his desperate attempt to stay engaged. “Hey Michael.”
“Tia,” Tre nodded.
“Hey Dumdum,” she responded with a smile? Greeting each other normally? No arguing, swearing or dirty looks? Dumdum? Smiling at him? These two sure do seem to be on good terms today. Something must be wrong.
I touched my hand on Tia now wrinkled up forehead to check her temperature. It seems she doesn’t have a fever. “What are you doing?”
“Making sure you aren’t sick.”
“Why would I be sick? I’m here in class.”
“Every time you’re in a ten-foot radius of him, there’s always a giant clash and yet today you two are acting like two civilized classmates. What gives?”
“We just decided to try and get alone for your sake.”
“I didn’t agree to it, but she’s forcing herself, so I really don’t have a choice,” Tre shrugged, concentrating on his etch a sketch… Wait, where did he get that

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