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  • Personal Narrative: Difficulty With Track And School Work

    Dialogue: I casually asked my sister,“So.. whats up with you, I haven’t really had much time to talk to you this weekend.” Sister responded nonchalantly,“ Nothing really, been busy with track and school work.” I said,“ How is track? Do you like it?” She responded, “ It’s okay I guess, it takes a lot of time out of my hands, but I really enjoy the people there. I made really good friends.” I said, “That’s great, I think track is going to help you manage your time more.” She said, “ Yeah, I guess…

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  • Narrative Essay On Carmilla

    “Where are we going Carmilla? It’s so cold out and we don’t even know where to start.” “Well if there is anything I’ve learned in the years of criminal justice classes’ I’ve taken. It’s that most victims never end up more than five miles out of their living area.” “Can you like, steal a car or something. So we don’t have to walk five miles out of the way?” “Out of the way? You realize that finding Laura and everyone else could be ‘out of the way’ in fucking Switzerland?” “I-I didn’t mean...” “No…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Time In The Football Field

    I hear my alarm clock go off. I roll on my side and open my eyes. "Its too early" I yell as I slam my hand down on my alarm clock to get it to shut off. I close my eyes again and moments later hear my clock go off again. I look at it again and it was an hour later. " five thirty is way to frickin early for football practice" I say as I get ready to walk out the door. This particular practice was on a saturday morning and coach wanted offense there early so we could run some extra laps around the…

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  • Informative Speech On Sleeping

    Everybody loves sleep. I love sleep so much that I took a half hour nap between writing that last sentence and this one. The same goes for this sentence. We all delight in throwing ourselves onto our mattress at the end of a stressful day at work and we revel in the feeling of waking up on a Saturday morning safe in the knowledge that we can spend the day snuggled beneath the sheets like a big toasty cinnamon bun (to quote a wise man) if we really want to. But even though we all love a good…

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  • Narrative Continuation: My Trip To Costa Rica

    Narrative Continuation I run as fast as I can and try to tell mom that I want to spend time with her. As I run down the stairs I look from left to right. I try and spot mom down the stairs. I can see her in the kitchen. “Mom!” I yelled “Yes Izzy?” she answered “Can I go to Costa Rica with you? I want to spend time with you.” I stated “If you went, Nanna has to come. And you have to spend time with her.” She said firmly “Fine, Only if you spend 3 hours a day with me or more.” I…

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  • Taylor Swift Shake It Off Analysis

    If my life was a television show or a movie, the theme song I would chose would be “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. I chose this song because I feel like it best describes my attitude towards life and situations. The first impression I would want the audience to make about me would be that I have a happy spirit and I try to always stay positive and not let things bother me. I want people to see that although bad things can happen, it’s your attitude that gets you through and makes it better. I…

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  • Chloroplast: A Short Story

    The room was dimly lit, cold, and humid. Krebs leaned against the washing machine covered in years worth of dust. Nadh sat next to him with her hands over her mouth to prevent herself from laughing. “Guys come on, where are you?” called out Chloroplast, “ATP can you tell me where they are?” “Aren’t you the one that said that that’s cheating a few minutes ago?” replied ATP. “Ugh, Fadh, a little help here?” “Sorry, no can do. Don’t make rules in the first place if you aren’t willing to follow them…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On Groundhog Day

    On the six year after stealing the groundhog’s shadow, the city prepared for Groundhog Day. It was a sunny and bright day in Puttingneg. I ate breakfast, quickly and jump into our vehicle. My mom said, “Chelsea, What’s wrong? “Mom nothing is wrong.” I replied. “Why are you just sitting in the car?” She asked. I said, “I don’t want to make us late for ground hog.” “I can‘t remember the last time, you’ve been ready to attend the ground hog celebration, Chelsea.” She replied. I said,…

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  • Epilogue To The Poet's Mistake

    "What's going on!?" Nadia shout hoarsely when she gains consciousness in the cabin that was once hers and Lukes before the incident. Nadia soon realizes that no one is near. "I'm not alone... Luke! No No that isn't possible, Gabriel wouldn't have done this to me. I shouldn't be here" Nadia begins to feel her heart pacing, she soon begins to feel like her heart is being pulled out of her chest. "I.. I can't be alone... Gabriel!! Luke!!" Nadia screams one last time before she suddenly falls to…

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  • Narrative Essay On Ponyboys

    You think you know a guy, and then he pulls some shit and all of a sudden, it 's like he 's not the same person anymore. And damn, does it freak you out. It 's enough to keep you awake late at night, your covers pulled over you and darkening your vision, acting like a barrier to anything that could harm you. You don 't talk about it in the morning, though. And who would you talk to, anyway? What would you say? Besides, by then, none of it even happened. As far as anyone else knows, anyway. See,…

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