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  • Personal Narrative: Difficulty With Track And School Work

    Dialogue: I casually asked my sister,“So.. whats up with you, I haven’t really had much time to talk to you this weekend.” Sister responded nonchalantly,“ Nothing really, been busy with track and school work.” I said,“ How is track? Do you like it?” She responded, “ It’s okay I guess, it takes a lot of time out of my hands, but I really enjoy the people there. I made really good friends.” I said, “That’s great, I think track is going to help you manage your time more.” She said, “ Yeah, I guess…

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  • Narrative Essay On Carmilla

    “Where are we going Carmilla? It’s so cold out and we don’t even know where to start.” “Well if there is anything I’ve learned in the years of criminal justice classes’ I’ve taken. It’s that most victims never end up more than five miles out of their living area.” “Can you like, steal a car or something. So we don’t have to walk five miles out of the way?” “Out of the way? You realize that finding Laura and everyone else could be ‘out of the way’ in fucking Switzerland?” “I-I didn’t mean...” “No…

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  • Narrative Essay On Ponyboys

    You think you know a guy, and then he pulls some shit and all of a sudden, it 's like he 's not the same person anymore. And damn, does it freak you out. It 's enough to keep you awake late at night, your covers pulled over you and darkening your vision, acting like a barrier to anything that could harm you. You don 't talk about it in the morning, though. And who would you talk to, anyway? What would you say? Besides, by then, none of it even happened. As far as anyone else knows, anyway. See,…

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  • Chloroplast: A Short Story

    The room was dimly lit, cold, and humid. Krebs leaned against the washing machine covered in years worth of dust. Nadh sat next to him with her hands over her mouth to prevent herself from laughing. “Guys come on, where are you?” called out Chloroplast, “ATP can you tell me where they are?” “Aren’t you the one that said that that’s cheating a few minutes ago?” replied ATP. “Ugh, Fadh, a little help here?” “Sorry, no can do. Don’t make rules in the first place if you aren’t willing to follow them…

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  • Azazel: A Fictional Narrative

    "It’s taken me nearly three hundred years, but I think I figured it out. Although three hundred years had gone by he only looked to be in his thirties. He came around in a swivel chair to the side of his desk, stretched his long arms into a large cardboard box, pulled out the exact skull Azazel gave me, and placed it on his lap. "Let me guess. She must be another one of your girlfriends." Tubal glanced at me. "No my fiancé." Azazel answered. Tubal tipped his head and smiled. "Ah, I see…

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  • Held High: A Short Story

    Held High I watched in horror as my best friend Jake took the beating for me. Jake and I had been best friends for at least 9 years, now we’re in highschool. These guys were always mean to me and this time they had cornered me in front of the school, but before they could punch me Jake stepped in and took the blow for me. I didn't like it when he stood up like that for me. It made me look like I couldn't handle myself But at the same time I was grateful because he knew that I wouldn't be able…

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  • Epilogue To The Poet's Mistake

    "What's going on!?" Nadia shout hoarsely when she gains consciousness in the cabin that was once hers and Lukes before the incident. Nadia soon realizes that no one is near. "I'm not alone... Luke! No No that isn't possible, Gabriel wouldn't have done this to me. I shouldn't be here" Nadia begins to feel her heart pacing, she soon begins to feel like her heart is being pulled out of her chest. "I.. I can't be alone... Gabriel!! Luke!!" Nadia screams one last time before she suddenly falls to…

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  • Summary Of The Story Of 'At Ayush House, Durgapur'?

    At Ayush house, Durgapur "O look! I did overtake you.� "Wait and watch baby!" "Ah...fast...fast ...fast...fast." "Oh! Shut!" "Petrol is over." "Time please, nature call." Chandya and Ayush had been playing bike racing video game on the computer. Each time Ayush had overwhelmed Chandya in the game, but Chandya kept persisting on. Ayush went in the bathroom. He turned up after a minute and started a game again. "Well- done!" "Go�" "Hurrah! I won!" "I have told you I will win it and you are…

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  • I Love Jack Short Story

    I loved Jack so much he was my best friend and a brother to run to when things got bad, what I miss the most about him along with his smile, laugh, idiotic dancing, drinking competitions, crying on his shoulder, hanging out at Cronulla and just being around him made you forget everything on your mind. Before we all lost jack, I would sit there and hug him so tight and talk to him for hours each day, that 's how I know so much about depression, pain and other mental illnesses. I saw it all…

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  • What Did I Learn In English Class

    gotten a couple of zeros on quizzes, which is my fault. And that one time where I didn’t know that we (students) aren’t allowed to use their own papers that they had before on a repeated class. I’ve been going to the writing center in almost every single paper that was due in this class to get help as much, along with the 5 extra points. Also, I’ve spoken with the teacher to get some advice and feedback, so I can work on it and get it fixed. On ever paper that I’ve turned in I always gets a…

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