Narrative Essay On Walmart Deli

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Walmart Deli

The job itself aint bad, depending on the shift and day anyways. What we do is cook food in a fryer or oven or rotisserie, slice meat and cheese on a slicer, server customers, wash dishes, and the list could go on. Like if a night shift there 's a long list of stuff we have to clean. Depending on if we work as a team and have are crap together then we’ll be able to get out on time. Like for instance last night. We only had Megan and I closing last night. We are normally supposed to have three people closing and Megan was sick so i had to do a lot of cleaning. She hated that she asking me to do a lot but it wasn 't like I was doing anything new. Like that phrase same stuff, different day. That 's not how its said but you get the idea. Ill start with the department manager, Shannon. I see her as a strong leader who doesn 't demand too much because she knows how
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She 's twenty-six, (don 't look it) and is married to the same man for 5 years. They have three kids together and she told me she don 't buy her kids toys. She said she doesn 't buy them toys because they are just going to break it. So that money for toys just goes for clothes. She has a very unique personality. Pretty much she’ll speak what 's on her mind and don 't screw her over. She told me she pour sugar in someone 's car gas once. Michelle started a couple of weeks after I did and she was kinda slow at first. But i think Amy show her how to wash the dishes as quick as she can, and it 's pretty freaking quick. She is English and has a tiny bit of an accent. She so nice and friendly, even if her past is messed up. She told me awhile back she was waiting for her boyfriend, or once was to come back to her. She said that she knows if she gets married it will be with him. Be she was having a baby with him but it was a miscarriage. Shes over him now though. Also when she was younger she was violated by her

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