Why My Grandmother Important To Me

When strength is mentioned, we tend to think of muscular men such as bodybuilders, policemen, or firefighters. However, strength is more than a physical attribute, its other definition from Webster’s dictionary is “Able to withstand great force or pressure.” Nothing brings this to mind more than my grandmother Barbara Allen. Her life was one of the hardest lives to live. Through all of her life she taught me how to be persistent. To press on through life’s many struggles. Then she taught me how to let go of negative people, ones who do not value you and tear you down with slander. She taught me to not go back to people who hurt me, or to at least not take it lightly. After her second breakup she taught me that it is okay to be alone sometimes, and that I can make it through struggles by myself even when I do not have someone to comfort me. During this time she taught me to be comfortable with changes. Losing my grandmother was one of the hardest things I ever had to face, but I will carry the many lessons she gave me forever. Barbara is persistent. She …show more content…
My memory has been hazy because it has been my way of coping. The lessons she taught me will always stick no matter how much I grow older. She taught me to be persistent through all things life throws at me, to stay strong through hard times and learn from them. I had to remember this lately because it’s tough without her. Also, she taught me how important education is, to keep up money for my future friends and family that need me, and they’ll be there when I need them in return because we are family. Not only that, she taught me that times changed, but you can change with the times. Finally, she taught me how to stand my ground against the people who have wronged me. She may be gone now, but I can listen to the song by Simon and Garfunkel and know I never let her down, and remember the lessons she taught

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