Deborah Tannen's Argument Cluture

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The two articles Agonism in the Acadamy Suriving Higher Learning’s Argument Cluture by Deborah Tannen and The Better for My Foes The role of Opposition by Elouise Bell are both well writien articles. They both have very diffrent views but at the same time have some similaritys.
One thing that I noticed when reading that they both talk about heated debate/ agurmnet. When i see those two words togther i think they are similar, as they both result insomething that you are talking about with passion. Tannen uses the phrase heated depate as she describes that in a classroom in a high school. “They refuse to concede a point raised by their opponents, even if they can see that it is valid, because such a concession would weaken their position”(493). As the kids depate they use diffrent tacttics to win the depate. I see a concetion with that and Bell’s essay. She states that “We must listen to the opposition, study them closely, read their literature, and hear their spokespersons, in order that we may know how to refute their arguments(56).” When looking at both od these quotes from both of the essays you can clearly see that they both use examples about diffrent ways to be prepared to disprove a theroy.
Just like depating and arugumnets both essays talk about opinions and disscousions. Which they are both clealry
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In Tannen she says it straight foward by saying “We would learn more from each other, be heard more clearly by others”(495). But in Bell’s you have to think more about what she is trying to say. “when we are ever mindful of the absolute indispensability of that man or woman across the aisle or on the other side of the platform”(59). When i read that i think that we need to be aware of others peoples oppinon or even think from there point of view. I think that we can learn alot from eachother if we just take a step back to

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