Social Media Advertisement Analysis: Cook Out

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Cook Out is an American chain of fast food restaurants centralized in the southern states. Cook Out was founded in 1986 by Morris Reaves in Greensboro North Carolina. Since then the chain has surged in popularity, with over 100 locations in North Carolina and many out of state as well, from Mississippi to Maryland. Cook Out is themed on “outdoors style” cooking as its name and moniker suggest. This is not limited to burgers, hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, and other tailgate and southern favorites. Cook Out is renown for its fast service, relying heavily on the use of a drive thru. According to their website, Cook Out has won over 200 awards for their fresh food. In this paper, I will analyze some of Cook Out’s social media interactions, to explore …show more content…
This advertisement features a picture of a Cook Out restaurant sign, with the caption “Every day is a Cook Out day”. This post received 80 comments. There was a wider variety of responses on this advertisement. Just as with the previous post, the majority of posts were of people praising the company for it’s food and service. Some people responded with pictures. One picture was of a styrofoam cookout tray with fan art on the lid. Another picture was of a crowded drive thru line, with a comment about how successful new Cook Out’s are. Other pictures held a different weight. A commenter posted a screenshot of a Facebook chat that they were having. In the chat, another user made racist remarks about Martin Luther King Jr., stemming from what appeared to be a conversation about the relevancy of the holiday. The commenter said about the screenshot “This guy says he is a manager at a Cook Out in Virginia.” What was clearly happening here was a Cook Out supporter acting as a watchdog, attempting to alert the company to a supposed manager’s use of discriminatory language. This shows how devoted the company’s supporters are, they care enough to take action for the restaurant. The post plays off of the

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