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  • Theme Of Women In The Big Sleep

    Women in The Big Sleep As I have mentioned before, this was true in the case of the rise of feminism. Before the turn of the century, “Women arrived, en masse, [to the Western frontier], and the ‘male-dominated homosocial world of gold rush California’ gave way to a ‘settled domestic Victorian discipline’” (Hoefer 49). That ‘Victorian discipline’ gave way in the 1920s to a deviant social norm, exemplified by Carmen and to a lesser extent Vivian. Right before Marlowe expresses how much he dislikes the rich, he gives this reason for it: “A pretty, spoiled and not very bright little girl who had gone very, very wrong, and nobody was doing anything about it” (Chandler 70). Before we move forward, it will be beneficial to discuss the portrayal of women in the novel and especially Carmen. Women in the novel are highly sexualized. The best example of this is when Marlowe described Vivian Regan. An entire paragraph is spent describing her body and appearance from the bottom up. As Marlowe so eloquently put it, “She was worth a stare” (Chandler 16). Vivian, the eldest daughter…

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  • Founding Vs. Constitution: Ancient Tragedy And The Origins Of Political Community

    Orestes to murder his mother; “The woman you call the mother of the child is not the parent, just a nurse to the seed, the new-sown seed that grows and swells inside her. The man is the source of life - the one who mounts. She, like a stranger for a stranger, keeps the shoot alive unless god hurts the roots. I give you proof that all I say is true. The father can father forth without a mother. Here she stands, our living witness.” (Aeschylus 260-261) Apollo debates that the mother is not the…

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  • The Anonymous Years Analysis

    The Anonymous Years (Enters Orestes into the main living area) The Chorus Orestes, we have brought news from Argos. Your mother has betrayed your father and his kingdom. Your father has endured a gruesome death. The Kingdom of Argos is now laying at rest alongside your father. We no longer have a reason to thrive. Unless, the justice that your mother deserves is carried out upon her and her lover, Aegisthus. Orestes The news from Argos, but how could this be? My mother has murdered my father.…

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  • The Hidden Motive: A Rose For Emily

    have the body removed from the home (Faulkner 2). Although, the townspeople did not describe her at that point as being crazy, they said she “broke down” (had a psychotic occurrence in which she retreated from reality), and that she had “to cling to that which had robbed her, as people will” (Faulkner 2). Immediately following her father’s death, Emily recoiled into her childhood by cutting her hair short and isolating herself in the house like an abandoned orphan (Faulkner 3). At this point…

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  • Hamlet Oedipus Complex Analysis

    Hamlet Introduction Professor Course Date The tragedy of Hamlet Hamlet, a play by William Shakespeare, unfolds as a drama inclined on retribution (Shakespeare, 1996, p. 342). In the first Acts of the play, Hamlet, the main protagonist, learns that Claudius was the perpetrator behind his father’s murder. Shakespeare gives a vivid description of Hamlet’s encounter with his father’s ghost (Shakespeare, 1996, p. 367). It is in the course of this encounter that Hamlet discovers that…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Psychodynamic Perspective

    Developmental Psychology - The study of growth and maturity over a lifetime - Strengths of Developmental Study - Useful applications to real life - Children require simple experiments to understand what they are doing - Findings are likely to be more reliable - Weaknesses of Developmental Study - Demand Characteristics - Ethical Issues Important Background - Strengths of the Psychodynamic Perspective - made the case study popular - highlighted the importance of childhood - Weaknesses of…

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  • Eysenck's Theory Of Personality

    BESC1490 Introduction to Psychology Week 8 Personality 1. Personality refers to an individual’s distinctive behaviour, patterns of thought, feelings and motivations that are shown in various situations. There are two theories that have been studied for personality, ‘Structure of personality’ and ‘Individual differences.’ The ‘structure of personality’ is the organisation of enduring patterns and personality processes, whereas ‘individual differences’ is the way of people vary in personality…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Immigration Analysis

    I always thought it is a tough to live as an immigrant in the United States today. Presidential candidates, such as Donald Trump, do not make it any easier. Ever since 9/11 and the 2008 recession, there is an increasing hatred towards foreigners that do not look “American”. This is because “during times of economic contraction and uncertainty that anti-immigrant scapegoating, draconian immigration policies and hate crimes directed at new immigrants increase” (Gallagher). I always heard about the…

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  • Globalization Of Superficiality Research Paper

    Today, every aspect of our civilized world is connected. You can call, text, message, chat, and video chat family in New York when you 're visiting Melbourne, or you could be in Bolivia and friend someone on social media that lives in St. Petersburg. The technology that we have today allows us to stay in contact with the rest of the world 24/7. Because of our advanced and technologically connected world, a new issue has arisen in our world of communication and relationships with others. While it…

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  • Globalization Identity Research Paper

    What is identity? Can some just have one identity for the rest of their life? Or are we changing every day? Where does it all come from? Think about it. According to the dictionary identity is " the state or facts of remaining the same one or ones, as under varying aspects or condition(" Ones origin is important but globalization tends to come into conflict and changes ones identity. What is globalization? It 's a variety of things shared around the world for a common purpose.…

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