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  • My Endometriosis Short Story

    Two years! Two years of hearing the word “no” and the phrase “you’re too young.” Two years I suffered in pain. Two years of countless doctors and tests. Two years of no answers. Even worse, was knowing everyone was second-guessing if I was actually in pain. This all ended in early 2016 when one doctor finally understood what was wrong. The same illusionary question every other doctor said “no” to. This is my endometriosis story. It was a beautiful day in 2014. Life was great. I was with all my friends. We’re sitting on the couch, and all of the sudden, I start screaming in pain and fall on the floor. The pain was unlike any other. It was intense stabbing, burning, and twisting pain in my lower abdomen and around the location of ovaries. My friends were shocked and concerned. They had never seen me like this. No matter what remedy was tried, the pain wouldn’t go away. The next day I called my Gynecologist and scheduled an appointment. She ran lots of blood work, performed ultrasounds and several exams. She said “she would contact me when she received the test results back; and if the pain happened again to call (her).” Every single test result came back normal; I was devastated when I heard this. All I wanted was an answer. The pain returned. I made an appointment and this time I started asking about Endometriosis (Endo). “Could it be endometriosis?” I asked. Her response was “no, you’re too young to have that.” She explained to me what Endo was; but I already knew. That…

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  • Orchestra Concert Report

    30th, I attended a live performance by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Jacek Kaspszyk as a part of their 2016 U.S. tour. When I walked into the concert hall, there was an electric atmosphere as a crowd of people was waiting in anticipation to find their seats and settle down to enjoy the show. In order to have a better idea of what I was about to experience, I read the playbill that explained how the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra is the premiere musical institution of Poland.…

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  • What Are The Factors That Contribute To An Ensemble Sound?

    There are many factors that contribute to an ensembles’ sound. Most of which we spend our musical lives practicing; things like tone, vowels, diction, ect. As we begin to make the transition from ensemble member to leader we are thrown yet another contributing factor to sound: conducting. The art of conducting is a continuously growing set of skills for an individual. Many of the greatest conductors have spent decades perfecting their craft and creating their style, while building their…

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  • Violin And The Classical Era

    In this period, many new genres began to pop up and take shape, but one genre led them all with its robust and full sound, the symphony. This period saw the emergence of what we now know as the modern orchestra, “The Classical masters established the orchestra as we know it today: an ensemble of the four instrumental families. The heart of the orchestra was the string family.” The string section was a very vital part to the orchestra and symphony during the Classical period, but at the center…

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  • London Symphony Orchestra Essay

    London Symphony Orchestra The London Symphony Orchestra has a reputation as one of the most acclaimed orchestras in the world. Its long history spans over a century and features the works of many admired figures in the music industry. The concert they gave on May 24th, 2015 featured violinist Christian Tetzlaff and the London Symphony Chorus. It was a part of the LSO International Violin Festival; this festival showcases twelve world-renowned violinists. Orchestral music is still a part of…

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  • Oklahoma State University Symphony Orchestra Concert Report Sample

    I attended the American Landscapes performed by Oklahoma State University Symphony Orchestra and Dr. Thomas Dickey conducted the orchestra. The concert was held at the Serentean Center for the Performing Arts on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. At the concert, I was an amateur, listener to this type of music. I had never witnessed a live performance of this musical style before. I would consider myself to be a passive listener. I listened to the performance with…

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  • Comparison Of Rite Of Spring And Appalachian Spring

    Comparison Between The Rite of Spring and Appalachian Spring The Rite of Spring (1913), composed by Igor Stravinsky, and Appalachian Spring (1944), by Aaron Copland, are ballets that center around folk culture. The Rite of Spring suggests a story of human sacrifice and has an overall a harsh and almost disturbing mood. Appalachian Spring tells the story of a new couple celebrating their new house and is lively and happy. The two ballets stem from a common base of folk culture, yet the mood of…

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  • Stravinsky Rite Spring Analysis

    It feels mysterious to me. The melody is with the string instruments as they play the BA… BA for the entirety of this piece. This is then backed with silence which gives it that curious feel. The instrumentation for this section is strings instruments and a flute playing. The musical character for this part is very mysterious. My reaction for this section is that feeling that you get after someone gets murdered on a television series. For part 8 we are immediately introduced quickly from the…

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  • Niccolò Paganini: Common Characteristics Of Romantic Music

    side and used music to express their deepest emotion about love, grief and tragedy. The common characteristics of romantic music is they all have the features of classical music, the rhythm was frequently changed in both tempo and time signatures; the texture was almost entirely homophonic. However, it was the industrial revolution that contributed to emphasis on aesthetic experience, people then looked forward to different emotion such as apprehension, terror, horroe and awe. In this way,…

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  • Machumann Concert Report Sample

    On 11 November 2016, I attended a concert entitled Schumann & Bruckner that organized by Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) at PETRONAS Philharmonic Hall which located in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). It was an around 120 minute concert including 20 minutes interval in between. Two great works was presented on this day which was Piano Concerto in A minor by Schumann and Symphony No.4 in E flat major- ‘Romantic’ by Bruckner. In this concert, Constantin Trinks was the conductor whereas…

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