My Endometriosis Short Story

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Two years! Two years of hearing the word “no” and the phrase “you’re too young.” Two years I suffered in pain. Two years of countless doctors and tests. Two years of no answers. Even worse, was knowing everyone was second-guessing if I was actually in pain. This all ended in early 2016 when one doctor finally understood what was wrong. The same illusionary question every other doctor said “no” to. This is my endometriosis story. It was a beautiful day in 2014. Life was great. I was with all my friends. We’re sitting on the couch, and all of the sudden, I start screaming in pain and fall on the floor. The pain was unlike any other. It was intense stabbing, burning, and twisting pain in my lower abdomen and around the location of ovaries. My friends were shocked and concerned. They had never seen me like this. No matter what remedy was tried, the pain …show more content…
He listens as I explain from the first day of pain over a year back. His first comment is Endometriosis. “Go back to your Gyno, ask about endo, if she says no, go get a second opinion from a new Gyno.” Around this time, I started noticing abnormal bleeding, and blood in my urine. So I returned to my Gynecologist. This time was different; she couldn’t fit me in so I saw her Midwife. Again I ask, could the pain be Endometriosis, and she also shuts me down. She explains in detail what Endometriosis is, and states, “I’m too young to have it.” Additionally she reminds me, I’m on birth control, the most common treatment for endometriosis. So I receive a referral to a new gynecologist. Dr.Gould. She fits me in. She asked me to explain my story. The first thing she says is “I’m almost 100% certain you have Endometriosis.” Finally, after a year and a half, I receive a predicted diagnosis. She explains that the only way to be 100% confident is surgery. If they find the scar tissue, they will remove it. We set the surgery date for June 24th, 2016, which was still a good four months out at that

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