Essay On Robotic Surgery

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Introduction Robotic surgery is being implemented into the hospitals around the world. We are seeing a change in medicine of the use of robotics for improving overall patient care. Have you ever wondered how does robotic surgery truly affect us? A few issues being discussed are the social, cultural, political, and including economic and environmental impact. After gaining full insight on the impact of this analysis you will have an understanding and appreciation to the positive advantages, ways of improvements as well as benefits this emerging technology has on our society.
In today’s society we have an older population living independently on their own and the goal is to stay there as long as possible. It is a large expense for the elder to move to a nursing home and being away from family so with the help of robotic surgery there can be a prolonged effect. Even though robotic surgery is an expense overall it is cost effective due to saving the elderly population from nursing home or rehabilitation center expenses over a period of time. Robotic surgery gives an opportunity for patients to receive this treatment to prolong their independence. It is no surprise if you do a study of younger adults versus older adults on their opinion of
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Some procedures being performed today will/are being replaced and even the operating rooms will be different. The possibilities will be endless as we learn and adapt to this technology. We are already seeing changes taken place and we will be able to implement changes to provide top care with accuracy, precision, and patients to recover quicker to return to their everyday activities. There are positive advantages robotic surgery can implement into our health care systems around the world as well as educating on ways of improvements; what can be concluded are the benefits it has on our society as a

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