Pre-Op Nursing Case Study

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The pre-op nurse is the 1st nursing professional most individuals who go through the WSC at St. A’s will work with. When they are first called from the waiting area the nurse is in charge of collecting a full set of vitals. These include, height(cm), weight(kg), blood pressure, temperature(F) and their oxygen saturation level. This offers a base line for after surgery as well as to know how much medications to administer and it gives an estimate on how well they will tolerate the anesthesia. After collecting the patient’s vitals, the nurse will go over the patient’s medical history verifying allergies, when they last ate/drank, medications they are taking, and other important information. After going over all of the information, the nurse will …show more content…
My first case was a 45-year-old women who presented to the WSC for an abdominal hysterectomy and a cysto-stent placement to be done by Dr. Obritsch, MD. She consented to receiving general anesthesia and had an 18-gauge IV placed into her right hand. She was accompanied by her husband until she was taken into the surgical room. The second case was a 46-year-old women who was to have a vaginal hysterectomy completed by Dr. Hutchens, MD. She opted for the spinal anesthesia versus the general anesthesia to avoid the potential adverse effects that can occur with general anesthesia. I was able to attempt placing an IV, however I was unsuccessful. After my attempt it took the nurse two additional tries. Eventually she was able to initiate a 20-gauge IV into her right hand. This client presented to the pre-op suite by herself. I was able to sit and talk with the patient. From our visiting I was able to find out that she has a cancer diagnosis, melanoma, and that there was some cancer within her uterus which warranted the hysterectomy. Our final case was scheduled the night before. She was a 16-year-old who presented to Dr. Olbritch’s clinic the previous day and had received the news that experienced a missed miscarriage. She has an 18-gauge IV placed in her right hand. According to her Hcg levels it was estimated that she was around 6-8 weeks of gestation. It was unknown if this

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