Fidel Castro: The Cuban Revolution

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Fidel Castro Fidel Castro came into the World on August 13, 1926 (Fidel Castro). He was born out of wedlock (Fidel Castro:Cuba’s Revolutionary leader). His father was named Angel and his mother was named Lina. His mother was at one point his father 's maid. (Fidel Castro:Cuba’s Revolutionary Leader). He was born in Biran a tiny town in eastern Cuba. In his younger years he was an amazing baseball player (Fidel Castro). A little bit later in his life he enrolled to be a law student at the University of Havana. While at the University he got interested in politics. He joined anti-corruption Orthodox party (Fidel Castro). He married a girl named Mirtha whom he went to college with. She also happened to be the daughter of a Cuban politician. …show more content…
Two years later he started to run for an election in the Cuban House of Representatives. That election would never take place (Fidel Castro).
Before they could ever vote, Batista seized power (Fidel Castro:Cuba’s Revolutionary Leader). However, Castro did not like this and planned a very, very popular uprising. In July of 1993 Castro’s revolution began. Castro and about 120 other men led an attack in Santiago de Cuba against the Moncada Army barracks. That attack failed miserably (Fidel Castro). Castro was captured a sent to prison for fifteen years. Two years later Fidel got out of prison as part of a general amnesty. Castro then met up with fellow revolutionist in Mexico. Together they plotted Castro’s return (Fidel Castro).
In 1956, 82 people including Castro sailed to the eastern coast of Cuba on the yacht named Granma (Fidel Castro Biography). After arriving there the government forces immediately ambushed them. Castro and about 20 other people survived including his brother and Guevara. They fled and hid in the Sierra Maestra Mountains. They had very limited supplies and weapons(Fidel Castro:Cuba’s Revolutionary
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The column was called “Reflections of Fidel”. The columns were never published which influenced people to believe that he was starting to turn downhill(Fidel Castro). Those rumors were demolished, Castro wrote and published an autobiography called “My Life” in 2007. In late January Castro put out a number of new articles(Fidel Castro Biography). Fidel Castro still has a political influence not only in Cuba, but also around the the world(Fidel Castro). He has continued to meet with influential people when they visit Cuba. In 2012 Fidel met with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran when he visited. When Barack Obama visited Cuba he did not visit with Fidel. Fidel later denounced him because of this and said that “We don’t need the empire to gift us anything”Fidel Castro

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