Fidel Castro: A Disobedient Kid

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The Year is 1926 in Biran, Cuba when Linda Ruz Gonzalez gave birth to the future Communist leader of Cuba but before Fidel Castro was the leader of Cuba he was just a child like everyone else. Fidel Castro led a very interesting childhood. Fidel was known as the type of kid that would be known as a very rambunctious, disobedient kid. Fidel grew up as a very spoiled child. He did what he wanted when he wanted. Fidel Castro, as a child, has been distinguished to be serious, hateful and mean, but he was really just a boy who was trying to find out who he really is.
On August 13, 1926 Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born in Biran, Cuba ( Editors 1 and 3). Even though Fidel says his birthday is August 13, 1926, his sisters say he was
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After Fidel went home he was very mad and threatened to burn his house down. As a result his father sent him to Colegio de Dolores of Santiago (Rees 22). Colegio De Dolores was a hard very strict school which molded Fidel into a good obedient student (Rees 22). When he was 16 he discovered a love for debating and won prizes. But he didn’t like the interruptions in his debates. Once he got so mad he slammed his fist on a marble table and cracked it. Because of that incident he earned the nickname El loco Fidel, meaning crazy Fidel (January 19). In 1950 Fidel Castro graduated from the University of Havana earning his degree in social science (Rees 96). When still in college, Fidel fell in love and married Mirta Diaz-Balart. (Notable Ca-Ch “Castro-Fidel” 8). In 1949, Mirta and Fidel had Fidelito, their only son (Notable Ca-Ch “Castro-Fidel” 8). Since Fidel didn’t have a job and was only a student in college his marriage ended in 1955 ( Editors 7). When Fidel graduated in 1945, he then attended the University of Havana and became addicted to political Cuban nationalism, Socialism, and anti-imperialism ( Editors …show more content…
Fidel Castro really started to enjoy social justice in 1947. In that same year he went to the Dominican Republic and along with a group of people he tried to overthrow Rafael Trujillo from his dictatorship ( Editors 5). After Fidel’s failed attempt to kick Rafael Trujillo off his dictatorship, Fidel joined the Partido Ortodoxo group at the university in Havana ( Editors 6). The Partido Ortodoxo was an anticommunist political party. The party wanted to reform nationalism, economic independence, and social parties and was founded by Eduardo Chibas was its founder ( Editors 6). Fidel wanted to work in the Cuban parliament but that year Fulgencio Batista overthrew the government and the election was cancelled ( Editors 7). Fidel and some people from the Ortodoxo party who knew they were going to win the election were mad and on July 26, 1953 they attacked the Moncada military barracks trying to overthrow Fulgencio ( Editors 8). The attack to overthrow Fulgencio failed and Fidel was sent to jail for 15 years ( Editors 8). In 1955, Fidel was released from prison because of an amnesty deal with Batista’s government ( Editors 9). While in Mexico, Fidel

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