The Assassination Of Kennedy: The Assassination Of President Kennedy

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The suspicious circumstances surrounding the Kennedy assassination has created a clout of conspiracy theories, if one such conspiracy was actually found to be true during the Warren Commission then American democracy and history would be radically altered. The commission’s official story is that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and killed the president due to a variety of factors such as a resentment towards society, commitment to Communism, and a desire to get his name in history. This official report on the Kennedy assassination is riddled with inconsistencies, which are amplified by the subsequent assassination of Oswald two days after Kennedy was shot. Oswald maintained his innocence during his interrogations and proclaimed to be a “patsy” …show more content…
When Fidel Castro took power in the 1959 revolution, thousands of Cubans defected and sought shelter within the United States. Even though Castro implemented positive policies such as expanding healthcare and education, his regime instituted state control of the press and actively worked to suppress internal dissent. Though popular with students, workers, and peasants, Fidel 's policies drained the economy and caused discontent within the middle class. Any opposition to Fidel and his party was met with swift and violent retribution, raising concerns of human rights abuses. As they shared similar views, Fidel Castro befriended the Soviet Union and began trade agreements with them. When US corporate owned refineries refused to process Soviet crude oil, Castro nationalized and took over the refineries. In response the US cut trade ties with Cuba, and Castro took over the many industries US corporations owned in the country further taxing its economy. As anti-Castro exiles continued to settle in the United States, the US military began manipulating their hopes of overthrowing Castro and returning to Cuba. The military began training and arming Cubans to turn them into a militant army. This army was used in an effort to assassinate Castro in the Bay of Pigs operation, when it faltered and Kennedy did not provide direct US support the militia was captured. Though Kennedy paid a ransom for the release of the men, he was widely blamed by the Cuban exiles for the failure of the mission. If it was discovered during the Warren Commission that Cuban exiles had carried out the assassination on President Kennedy as a retribution for his failure in the Bay of Pigs operation, then all Cubans in America would have face persecution. President Roosevelt interned thousands of Japanese individuals during World War 2, and President Johnson would likely replicate the plan in an effort

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