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  • Short Story: The North Pond Hermit

    The hermit set out of camp at midnight, carrying his backpack and his bag of break-in tools, and threaded through the forest, rock to root to rock, every step memorized. Not a boot print left behind. It was cold and nearly moonless, a fine night for a raid, so he hiked about an hour to the Pine Tree summer camp, a few dozen cabins spread along the shoreline of North Pond in central Maine. With an expert twist of a screwdriver, he popped open a door of the dining hall and slipped inside, scanning the pantry shelves with his penlight. Candy! Always good. Ten rolls of Smarties, stuffed in a pocket. Then, into his backpack, a bag of marshmallows, two tubs of ground coffee, some Humpty Dumpty potato chips. Burgers and bacon were in the locked freezer.…

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  • Rule Of St Benedict Research Paper

    It was in the fifth century when a young man was sent to Rome. St Benedict was born in around the year 480 in Nursia, Italy and is the twin of St Scholastica. Benedict abandoned his literary studies and left home at around 500, making him around 20 years old at the time. He took his nurse with him and left all of his wealth and inheritance behind and fled out of Rome. St Benedict left home not looking to be a hermit, but to find a place away from the city because he disapproved of his fellow…

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  • Essay On St. Benedict

    the rise of Monasticism in the Western society. His rule created was the foundation for thousands of religious communities in the Middle Age. He produced a 'true spiritual ferment' in Europe and over coming decades his followers spread across the countries to establish a new cultural unity based in Christian Faith. His rule is still practiced today and many catholics use it in daily life. It includes the five practices which is used every day. Prayer, Work, Study, Hospitality and Renewal. This…

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  • Blobfish-Personal Narrative

    way to the center of the reef. Melissa yells “ Wait for me, you pilots!” Melissa starts coughing hard, trying to catch up to them. But stops in a coughing fit. Bob starts to look worried, while Sarah looks scared. Sarah said “ What’s happening to Mommy?” Melissa comfirms them that she is okay. They go at a slower pace so Melissa can keep up. When they finally arrived, they let Sarah go towards the colorful, safe part of the reef while Bob and Melissa talked. Melissa said “ It’s geting…

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  • The Three Hermits

    “The Three Hermits,” known for the moral lessons the short story teaches, at first seemed to be another assignment hard to enjoy. As I continued to read, the Bishop and the hermits started to tug on my heart. “The Three Hermits” is as a short story written by Russian author Leo Tolstoy, and later translated by English authors, Louise and Aylmer Maude. The dominant mood throughout the story inflicted the thoughts of the divine power of God. Reading this passage, I often paused to ponder my own…

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  • Humility In The Rule Of St Benedict Analysis

    Humility: An Overarching Theme in the Rule of St. Benedict In The Rule of St. Benedict, a large section of the work is devoted to analyzing humility, which seems to run as an overarching theme throughout the work itself. While a focus on all twelve stages of the humility is too large in scope for this assignment, I will be focusing on the fear of the Lord and humility manifest in all facets of life. Prior to analyzing humility, it is important to first define what it is and why it is important.…

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  • Reflection Of Piss Christ

    "Piss Christ" it is one of the most famous works and the most controversial one made by the artist and American photographer Andres Serrano. The full title of the work is "Immersion (Piss Christ)". It is a picture taken in 1987 in Cibachrome print 60x40 cm. The presentation is a small plastic crucifix and wood submerged in a glass of the artist 's own urine. The photography belong to a series that Serrano had made that involved several classical figurines immersed in various fluids like milk,…

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  • Hermit Vs Crusades

    Christian properties and those who participated took vows and were promised forgiveness of all their sins. King Louis IX of France also known as the “Crusader King” spent his life doing crusades to spread the Catholic religion and beliefs. Peter the Hermit was a priest/preacher and a key individual for the First Crusade. Both, King Louis IX and Peter the Hermit,…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Hawaii Trip On Halloween

    our idea is to take them with us in thier carrier we got with them.My carrier has a little palm tree inside with little rocks and this phome like thing that they eat. On my hermit crabs shell it has littlke diamonds with a cute little bow on the top. kayleys has a zebra looking carrier and on the inside it has little emojis and on the hermit crab she had all these wierd designs on it, stormy has a carrier that she got to make her self. She put little crosses on it and liitle diamonds on the top.…

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  • Shells By Cynthia Rylant

    “Shells” by Cynthia Rylant is a realistic fiction short story about a fourteen-year-old boy who learns to live with his aunt after his parents deaths. In the beginning, Michael’s parents died. His Aunt Esther decided he could live with her. Esther was the only one who offered to take him in. Michael's other relatives didn’t want to deal with a fourteen-year-old- boy. Soon, Michael and Esther start to get in fights. The two were always bumping heads. Esther always talked to her friends how she…

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