Herod the Great

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  • Compare And Contrast Aristobulus And Hyrcanus

    Hyrcanus II, Aristobulus II, and Antipater Hyrcanus gave up his priesthood after a major defeat from his brother, Aristobulus. Then, after receiving help from Antipater, an Idumean governor, and the Nabatean kingdom, Hyrcanus was successful in pursuing Aristobulus once again. Aristobulus took refuge in the temple area and fortified himself. Roman armies, under the leadership of Pompey, came on the scene, supported Hyrcanus, and defeated Aristobulus. Pompey forcibly entered the Holy of Holies in the temple, which created a great deal of hostility between Jews and Rome. Through the Roman insertion, the Jewish state came to an end and Rome took power over Palestine. Roman Period (63 BC-AD 70) Now that Palestine was under Roman rule, it looked very similar to the Syrian rule. Men, such as Antigonus, Hyrcanus II, Antipater, Phasael, and Herod, were all competing for power. Hyrcanus II was instituted as the high priest and chief political leader, but he was not necessarily a…

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  • Acts 22-14 Summary

    (Acts 12:1) Emperor Claudius had made him king over all the land east and north of Lake Galilee. And, he was the Herod who said, “Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.” (Acts 26:28) Although Agrippa’s heart was pricked and he was almost persuaded to become a Christian, it is not a matter of record that he ever acted upon his faith. Faith without works is worthless. “What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? Can faith save him? Even so faith,…

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  • The Shadow Of The Galilean Summary

    but did not know who he was. When they approached him he tried to run away from them, Baruch didn 't take his food or drinks, but they convinced him to come with them because he was banded from the Essenes and did not want to leave him in the wilderness. Baruch was one of them now and they all left the wilderness to go to Jericho. Andreas reports some of his findings back to Metilius, He told Metilius that they represent no danger to the state(43). The Essenes interpreted their marriages laws…

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  • Summary The Shadow Of The Galilean By Gerard Theissen

    Protestant theologian and New Testament Scholar is also a Professor of New Testament at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. He is the author in the narrative theology, The Shadow of the Galilean: the Quest for the Historical Jesus in Narrative Form. This book follows a fictional account from the character Andreas, who is on a quest to find Jesus and who He is. Although Andreas is fictional he is accurately historic and the narrative takes second so that the historical setting drives the…

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  • Summary Of The Lost Letters Of Pergamum

    regarding the events, tasks, and business. which were important to the class to which Antipas belonged all seem to accurately represent that portion of that society well. Similarly the accounts of the Christians from the group who met at the house of Antonius seem to provide an accurate picture of the lives and situations which real of people of that class in that day of age. The second aspect which adds much to the story is the specifics from the bible that like the historical facts are…

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  • Jesus's Journey

    commanded. I did not believe what I was seeing. Pilate order the roman soldiers to take Jesus away, where he would be punished. Once gain the disciples followed Jesus. There a was a whole group of us who went to watch Jesus suffer the consequences. Jesus was cuffed to a rock, while the roman soldiers laughed. Jesus was prepared, the commander order him to be whipped with sticks, it was a nasty sight. Jesus went through several different types of torture. At the end of this punishment, Jesus was…

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  • Archetypal Jesus In A Separate Peace, By John Knowles

    with him. Finny creates the Super Suicide Society for the Summer Session and many people attend the meetings although they never jump off the limb. Finny’s personality draws his friends into a new club, the Super Suicide Society for the Summer Session. The members meet every day and only watch as Gene and Finny jump of the limb, but they would not have come if Finny had not made the club sound so interesting. Finny’s amiable personality makes it difficult for others to resist his friendship. In…

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  • Thomas Paine Analysis

    Where Thomas Paine 's ideas to separate America from Great Britain a last resort to restore a fair constitution for all people regardless of their status in society and ultimately create an ideal government in America? Thomas Paine 's observations in England helped him to develop his argument to encourage American colonists to seek independence from Great Britain. The knowledge Paine gained in England demonstrated his honest stand against England to help Americans come to a crucial decision…

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  • Materialism In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    The 1920s, famously known as the Roaring Twenties, was a time of great economic and social growth in America. The author F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays the flourish of success, as well as the sudden rise of materialism through the lives of Jay Gatsby, Tom and Daisy Buchanan in his novel The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald creates many parallels between the lives of those in the 1920s and the lives of the characters in his novel. The Roaring Twenties was a time of great innovation and change in America.…

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  • Essay On Crime And Corruption In The Great Gatsby

    government. Prohibition only added to the chaos of the decade, with many ordinary citizens becoming criminals simply because they wished to consume alcohol. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, precisely illustrates the corruption of the 1920’s and the demise of people’s hope in the American…

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