Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration

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  • The Importance Of The Endurance Expedition

    mission. Team building is extremely tricky for entrepreneurs and leaders. Shackleton made sure to be a commanding presence, all while putting himself in the line of fire at times. Teams will always be tested, but sacrifice and genuine care from leaders speaks volumes. In doing so, his crew would go anywhere with him without question, even if he went without a devised plan or goal. His physical condition and reputation were weakness than could have derailed the entire voyage from the start. Scott had put a blemish on Shackleton’s reputation when he came out with his account of their earlier voyage together, stating that he was not physically capable. Along with this account, Shackleton had to deal with creditors who had lost faith in him and explorations all together. He was able to overcome his physical weakness when he was trying to save his men, knowing he may be their only hope. Unfortunately, he could not overcome his heart attacks that followed on a later voyage, where he ultimately died at a young…

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  • How Did The Amundsen Travel To The South Pole

    What were the causes of the different results of MAundsen and Scott expeditions to the south pole in 1911 In the peak of Heroic age of Antarctic discovery, a race to reach the center of the south pole was started by two exploreres. The first one Robert Falcon Scott, with the help of the Geographical Society of England, started planning his journey, without the pressure of the race until when in meltrne he received the telegram of Amundsen communicating his expendieron to the south pole.…

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  • Three Key Leadership Theories In Shackleton's Business World

    the interests of each member so that he could judge the strengths of each person and later he assigned them duties according to their intrusts and abilities that was a perfect example of transformational leadership. For Shackleton the first priority during the whole journey was the lives of his people, from the case study it can be seen that during the whole time Shackleton think himself responsible for the lives of his crew. These things show the transformational leadership theory of…

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