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  • Film Analysis Of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight There are few films that bring out the inner hero in people or simply the desire to do good, other than those about super heroes. The Dark Knight is no exception to the rule, as Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) also known as Batman is face to face with his greatest enemy the ever the sinister Joker (Heath Ledger). The director Christopher Nolans film adaptation on the Batman has a much darker and moral tone than others before it. From the dark streets of Gotham, the fictitious city the film takes place in, to the cynical humor of the Joker and the care free mentality of the cities criminals. I believe that anyone that is a fan of super hero films, or crime films, will find it to be a very tasteful and well-made film. With many reasons to love it and few reasons not to, I believe that The Dark Knight takes the problems of mainstream society and up scales them to make a super film. Synopsis The Joker makes his appearance in Gotham with his insane laugh, he seeks…

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  • The Outsider Character In Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight

    Secondly, this is portrayed through, “The Dark Knight”, directed by Christopher Nolan and released in 2008. Both of these examples play on the audience’s own desires and challenges their ideas on what is wrong and what is right and where the fine line between them lies. A popular character in contemporary culture, Dexter Morgan is viewed by his audience in the highly rated crime drama television show, “Dexter”. This show first aired in 2006 and ended after 8 seasons in 2013. Deviancy is a…

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  • Good Vs. Evil In Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight (2008) is the second of the three movies in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy. The first movie being Batman Begins (2005), and the most recent movie being The Dark Knight Rises (2012). The trilogy follows the story of a young Bruce Wayne up to the developed Batman we know today. Nolan 's outstanding creativity allowed him to take a completely different view on what was once just a children 's comic book. Also, the performances of all the actors were spectacular, but…

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  • Christopher Nolan's Use Of Batmantic Techniques In The Film Dark Knight

    In the movie Dark knight directed by Christopher Nolan, it is evident that various techniques in the film add to batman being morally ambiguous while portrayed as a vigilante. Costume, design and lighting also contribute to the moral ambiguity as well as blurring the lines of a common stereotype to be real. Christopher Nolan breaks the stereotype of a superhero in the way that batman’s costume is designed. Batman’s body suite is black which has an evil connotation. Whereas the conventional…

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  • Short Story: The North Pond Hermit

    over the next couple of hours, he gradually opened up. His name, he revealed, was Christopher Thomas Knight. Born on December 7, 1965. He said he had no address, no vehicle, did not file a tax return, and did not receive mail. He said he lived in the woods. "For how long?" wondered Perkins-Vance. life-2014-08-the-last-hermit-the-last-hermit-gq-magazine-september-2014-life-02.jpg Knight thought for a bit, then asked when the Chernobyl nuclear-plant disaster occurred. He had long ago lost the…

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  • John Gower's Tale Analysis

    be able to identify a hidden meaning in a tale or story, especially middle English literature. Geoffrey Chaucer and John Gower were two famous authors of that time and conveniently wrote tales that seem to relate to each other in many ways, and are opposite in many ways as well. Both tales have knights being asked to make a choice, one that will affect their knighthood as well as their future. Both tales have an old hag challenging the morals of the knights, but only one tale seems to have that…

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  • Corruption In The Caterbury Tails By Chaucer

    The knight is written off as such “a worthy man Who, from the very first time he began To ride about, loved honor, chivalry,The spirit of giving, truth and courtesy.He was a valiant warrior for his lord; No man had ridden farther with the sword Through Christendom and lands of heathen creeds, And always he was praised for worthy deeds”(Chaucer). The Knight is presented as a just and honorable man. He is the pinnacle of what he has chosen to become. He follows what his job is asking him to become…

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  • Jousting Tournament

    The process of becoming a knight was not a simple or easy task, in order to be a knight you needed to have the right connections, although you can become a knight as a free man but because of horses, armour, and weapons were so expensive it was more common for a noble or wealthy man to become a knight. Your journey to becoming a knight started at the age of seven, of which you would be called a Page, the job of being a Page was to assist the Lord with his clothing, and help dress him. To act as…

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  • Dame Ebrill The Golden Heart Research Paper

    The Story of Dame Ebrill the Golden Heart In the land of Happyopoulos, a little girl was born to a noble family. She was named Ebrill because she was born in the month of April. Her father was the knight, Sir Jeffrey, and her mother was Lady Katelyn. Ebrill was a softhearted person. She would go out of her way to help anyone. Once she gave away her favorite teddy bear to a little boy with no toys. That’s why her mother, Lady Katelyn, gave her the nickname, “Golden Heart.” At the young age of…

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  • Samurai Weapons Dbq

    In a battle between a knight and a samurai there is much discussion on who would win. But in the end a samurai would win because of their many advantages over a knight, such as the practicality of a samurai's armor over a knights. This essay will further discuss the advantages a samurai has over a knight and how their advantages will help them win. To begin with, the samurai’s armor and weapons give them an advantage compared to a knight. In Document D, the DBQ Project states “ The body of the…

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