Essay On St. Benedict

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In this essay I will be explaining the life of St Benedict, his background, culture and upbringing of him. The challenges he faced in society at the time. What St Benedict did and the impact it brought to society and the Christian Community and how they are a model for Christians living in the 21st Century.

St Benedict is also known as Benedict of Nursia (Norcia) is a Christian saint, honoured by the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church as the patron saint of Europe and students.

St Benedict was born in Nursia, a town in the South of Italy, around the year of 480 AD. His father was Anicius Eutropius, a Roman noble and his Mother were Abundantia and he had a twin sister known as St. Scholastica. His family was rich while he was growing up and therefore he was opened to an excellent education and house while he grew and received special privileges such as servants. He
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The early Middle Ages were called 'the Benedictine century'. He had a big influence on the development of European civilisation and culture and even heed Europe emerge from the dark area of history. St Benedict contributed a huge amount of knowledge and skills to the rise of Monasticism in the Western society. His rule created was the foundation for thousands of religious communities in the Middle Age. He produced a 'true spiritual ferment' in Europe and over coming decades his followers spread across the countries to establish a new cultural unity based in Christian Faith. His rule is still practiced today and many catholics use it in daily life. It includes the five practices which is used every day. Prayer, Work, Study, Hospitality and Renewal. This has had a big impact on society because people carrying out these practices are carrying out St Benedict’s rule. During St Benedicts time he founded 12 monasteries and another one in Monte Cassino where he stayed. He had a big influence on Monks and Hermits and taught many

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