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  • Rise Of Monasteries

    During this time in England the rise of Burys or Boroughs, this was land given by the King to monasteries. These pieces of land were exempt from the sheriff and bishop of the jurisdiction, giving a good amount of power to the abbot of the monastery (Jordan, 188-193). From 1173 till 1202, a monk named Jocelin of Brakelond recorded different events in his monastery in St. Edmunds, England. His work was later published as Chronicle of the Abbey of Bury St. Edmund. Jocelin discusses how the former subsacrist, Samson, becomes the new abbot, and his interactions with the king as well as the townspeople in the Bury of St. Edmunds. Jocelin’s writings allows us to understand and imagine what daily life in a monastery and the social structure at the time was like compared to what it was supposed to be like according to kings and laws. Jocelin, who becomes Samson’s chaplain, describes the obligations and privileges of both Abbot Samson and his tenants, as well as the tension between the two…

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  • Guibert's Autobiography Of Nogent-Sous-Coucy

    The Autobiography of Guibert: Abbot of Nogent-sous-Coucy is divided into three separate books, each book conveying a different concept. The first book consists of Gibert life from youth to adulthood, in addition to a conversation with God throughout the chapters. The second book consists of history of the monastery that he lived in. The third book gives a detail description of the uprising near Laon. Guibert structured his autobiography so each book would convey a different aspect of life while…

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  • Humility In The Rule Of St Benedict Analysis

    be aware that we are in God’s presence and as a result avoid sin. This suggests a highly negative view of humanity since it implies that humans act morally and avoid sinning solely out of self-interest. I hold a much more positive view of humanity and believe that humans are generally moral and do not actively and intentionally sin. An important part of this fear of step one and acting out of fear of God is following a set of very defined rules. For example, Benedict defines the monks diet when…

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  • Analysis Of Abbot Suger Of Saint Denis Abbey

    Abbot Suger of Saint Denis, inspired by what he though were the writings of Saint Denis, designed and built a choir filled with radiance. Believing that light was the presence of Divine Spirit, Suger’s new choir was filled with light. Saint Denis Abbey’s newly designed choir would herald a revolution in architecture which would ripple throughout the culture of Christendom. The Italians would call the style Gothic. Gothic, meant as a slight, was so named to suggest that the culture of Christendom…

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  • Why Is Clergy Important In The Middle Ages

    Benedictine Rule was the basis of life, and it was “kept exactly in all essentials” (vii). In addition, during this time of the revival of urban life, monasteries were being built in or around cities, and as a result, they became “and integral part of social life of the country” (xiv). After the Norman invasion of 1066, Lanfranc, Archbishop of Canterbury, decided with William, Abbot of Dijon, to “look critically upon the old English monasteries” in order to reform them after the Norman model…

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  • The Rule Of Benedict Summary

    Abbot Benedict (Abbot): Greetings my child, may the good Lord continue to keep you. Can: Amen. Father, as you are already aware I will be taking my vows in three months. I have read your Rules cover to cover but my heart still worries that I know little. Please father, take time out of your readings to guide one of your lost sheep. Abbot: Don’t be troubled my son as the Lord says "Cast all your anxiety on Him, because he cares for you."(1 Peter 5:7) As so cast your anxiety upon me and let me…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Common Law

    Common Law, originally from England, is one the three main legal systems which are used worldwide. It is based on customs and norms of society as well as legislative enactments. The hierarchy of the courts is particularly important to the doctrine of binding precedents that showcases various advantages and disadvantages in common law. Common law is much dependent on the doctrine of binding precedent. The term precedents refers to previously decided cases (Abbot,Pendleburry & Wardman, 2002) The…

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  • Eismann: The Dysfunctional Conflict Between Frank And Nolan

    other executives. Nolan has an extremely large span of control because he insists on employees at all levels of the company reporting to him. Therefore, he cannot oversee and give guidance to all of these employees. While Nolan seeks to oversee each employee at Abbot, his large span of control does not allow him to oversee all decisions in reality, which leads to a high level of decentralization. Employees at all levels of the company make decisions that sometimes contradict each other, causing…

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  • Life Of Herluin Analysis

    LIFE OF HERLUIN, (VITA HERLUINI), by Gilbert Crispin (1045-1117) Analysis of lines 8-20, page 8 Gilbert Crispin (1045-1117), the author of the possible foundation narrative or pseudo-hagiography - from the Greek, meaning ‘holy writing’ - Vita Herluini, as it was originally titled in Latin, was a theologian, monk at the Abbey of Bec, and ultimately the Abbot of Westminster (1085). Consequently, Crispin spent much of his life in the Abbey of Bec, alongside Herluin and later on, Lanfranc,…

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  • Suger's Role In Gothic Architecture

    very prominent: high stone vaults, internal elevations of multiple stories, rounded arches and thick walls. This was characterized as Romanesque architecture. One day, a man named Suger changed everything. He reworked these ideas introduced to the world the now known Gothic architecture. Gothic architecture was a big role-player during the Renaissance. But everything started when Suger decided to reinvent the traditional heavy Romanesque Abbey Church of Saint-Denis into a free-flowing monastic…

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