Commercial Fiction Analysis

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Fiction, they are the bedtime stories we tell our young ones (children, sisters, brothers, cousin, nephew, or nieces). It s the thriller, drama, or romantic novels read by a diverse and large age variety of different readers with interest of different genres. They are the historical, inspirational, motivating writing pieces that catch the eye of mostly adults and elderly people. Fiction’s sole purpose is “enjoyment and understanding” (Perrine,61). Literary fiction is the understanding purpose of a fictional writing piece. It’s the author’s way of grasping the reader and pulling us into their “imaginative vision and artistic ability” (Perrine,62), thus bringing the readers to understand life’s difficulties and challenges. Commercial Fiction …show more content…
Congruently to a comedy show that represents the commercial fictions versus a documentary on history or scientific research that represents literary fiction. Kindred, however, projects a fascinating novel of part-time traveling, part-slave narrative, and love stories with both happy and unhappy endings. The most exotic part about Kindred that makes the novel a commercial fiction is the part-time traveling between the protagonist's life of 1976 and the adaptation to life of the early 18th century as an African American slave. As soon as the story starts after the prologue, the narrator also known as the protagonist, named Dana Franklin, “began to feel dizzy, nauseated” (Kindred,13) and every time she does, the surrounding area vanishes and she ends up in a different place. The dizziness and nausea foreshadows Mrs. Franklin is going in time, but every time she goes back in time it is because Mr. Rufus Weylin is in danger or need of assistance. Time traveling is a fictional action but it's specifically commercial fiction in Kindred because it's a way to grasp the reader's attention. The time traveling has no deep life lesson meaning within the novel but neither did being part-slave narrator. Kindred is a story that's been told by first person or narrative view so it's simply easier for the readers to understand what

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