Flannery O Connor's Why Literature Matters

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Journal #1 Literary works are frequently observed by an abundance of individuals throughout a typical day, especially on a college campus. These books are generally catalysts for future coursework and are oftentimes viewed nonchalantly by their owners and dismissed as insignificant. These attitudes, commonly in line with those of the pragmatists', presume that literature has no “sufficient value” (Gillespie 16). Gillespie's article, “Why Literature Matters”, strives to disprove such allegations, stating that literature is, in fact, consequential. By referencing many illustrious individuals and literary masterpieces, Gillespie maintains that by examining and scrutinizing quality literature it allows its audience “the opportunity to try out other lives and connect with other humans through exercise of imagination and empathy” (Gillespie 21). An example of this can be seen in Flannery O'Connor's short story, “Revelation,” which enables its readers to view the egocentric historical context of her time. Because O'Connor writes about Mrs. Turpin's epiphany that spurned her narcissistic temperament into one of humanitarianism, she entices her audience to sympathize with each other. By doing so, “Revelation” encompasses the elements …show more content…
Through the disruption of cynicism, barbarism, and nihilism present in O’Connor’s short story, we’re cognizant that literature truly matters. Its very essence strives to enlighten others of the possibilities of generosity, sympathy, and morality. Mrs. Turpin’s revelation at the end of the story allows readers an insight into these possibilities. When coursework is assigned, the objective is more so to find meaning behind a story than to just read it. Tim Gillespie’s article encourages this, publicizing that literature is more than just words on a

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