How Did The Corrupt Government In Fahrenheit 451

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In the novel, the people gave up their freedoms. When this happened the government simply made books illegal to read, as individual thoughts worked against the smooth flow of society’s happiness. Anything that worked against the smooth happy flow of society slowly became illegal. Reading, driving too slowly, and anything else against society became illegal. In the novel, it wasn’t so much as the government had one day became corrupt, but the people stopped caring about reading, free thinking, and anything else that was not considered fun. Even work became a fun concept.
In the end of the novel Montag found a group of criminals, but these criminals were not like criminals that are present today. They were the college professors who had broken the law by reading, and by free thinking. They had knowledge and it became dangerous against the government that they had to live life on the run. Thankful for them the government did not feel like wasting their time on them. During Montag’s escape, a helicopter filmed the mechanical dog that chased him. The dog was an extent of the corruption of the government. No longer a fair trial, as people were hunted and tracked down by the mechanical dog. Once the dog found them it bit into them with a vise-like grip and administered a lethal dose with its needle shot.
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The significance of this research is that this novel teaches a valuable lesson for all to follow, for it is human’s free ability to think that should never be compromised or taken. The biggest lesson learned from this research project is that care must be taken from reading one book. There is more to an author and what he or she is trying to portray in their work than what meets the eye. Knowledge of the author can help understand, what was before

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