Esperanza Rising Research Paper

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To say that I am a reader would be a stretch. I can not remember the last time I picked up a book for my own personal pleasure. Some would say that should bother me, but I can’t agree with the reasoning behind it. Mostly people bring up how books have broadened their horizons and changed their way of thinking, which is something I can’t relate to. Instead, I would say that I agree with what a good book should do, but I can‘t say I have found a good book, or a page turner if you will. Overall my experience with reading has been forced, and limited and has lost its original glamour. For me what reading novels brings to other people, I can obtain through other means that are more appealing for my way of thinking. While I don’t enjoy the act of reading a 600 page mandatory novel, I do enjoy the conversations that it can cause. Such as the debating, and sometimes the arguments, that come from the material within the carefully thought out cover pages can be intriguing and rewarding. However, to say that books have influenced my thoughts about the world, or have made …show more content…
I first read Esperanza Rising as an assigned reading in fourth grade, then in fifth grade, and then again every year until senior year. If you asked my why I liked this book I would not know where to start. From the first page the imagery and characters had my attention, even at 7 years old. Based on my love for Esperanza Rising, I thought I would read more of Ryan’s works to see if I enjoyed them as well, only to find that none of them pulled me to the degree the story about a girl who's life got turned upside down did. Even searching for books of similar topics proved just as useless at grabbing my attention. Since then I have somewhat lost hope in finding books that make me want to keep reading and instead resigned myself to reading what is

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